Monday, September 22, 2008

10 things to do before Sep 22, 2009

Baby kinda inspired me to come up with a list of my are my 10 things to do in the next one year:

1. Skydive (*)
2. Drive a sports car, or atleast a very powerful car, on a proper racing circuit (****)
3. Ride a sports bike - the R1 preferably :) (*****)
4. Visit the Niagara falls (*)
5. Ski at Lake Tahoe (*)
6. Visit 2 more countries, in a third continent - after India, Thailand, Singapore (Asia), and USA (North America) - mostly Canada, and Brazil/Peru (**), maybe even Europe.
7. Learn to take excellent portraits with self-designed internal lighting setups. Impress a kickass female and get her to pose for me (*****)
8. Break the 150mph barrier on any vehicle (also related to points 2/3). My max is 113mph (181kmph) in a Ford Mustang (****)
9. Drink absinthe! (****)
10. Complete Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas on my PC (*****)

[The number of stars indicates the probability of execution. The more the stars, the less the probability of my doing it]

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Blogger Prasanth says...

Kinda inspired ahhh...awwwwww

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