Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cheeni Kum

64 year old man falls for 34 year old woman. Woman's father, the prospective father-in-law, is just 58 years old, a full 6 years younger. While the father-in-law is happy with Bhajan, Bhojan and Bhajji, an older man wants to get married. Problem? Depends on your point of view :)

This is easily one of the finest love stories I have seen on screen - there is an undercurrent of maturity which convinces you that these two slightly beyond-marriageable-age-folks know exactly what they are doing, however interesting the situation they are in may be. Probably that is the beauty of love - you never know when it is gonna strike, whom its gonna strike, and also probably not when it actually strikes ;)

Thankfully the movie is set in London in the initial stages, so you don't have a lot of the regular cliches - social stigma, people pointing fingers, society, blah blah. You also do not have to sit through cliched motions like the "hero" dyeing his hair to look younger, wearing t-shirts, showing off sprightly dance steps in some random disco, et al. Here is a man who is comfortable with his 64 years old look (though he does wear designer glasses to look cool, and has a cool ponytail too which does not ridiculous in the least), and who has no clue on what he is expected to be doing after falling in love.

PC Sriram totally rocks the scene with some awesomely shot trademark angles and composition. Super choice. So is the choice of Illaiyaraja. I am totally in love with the songs after I watched the movie. Shreya Ghosal makes Jaane Do Na sound so maturely subtly sexy :) What a voice!

The first three-fourths of the movie till Bachchan actually tells Paresh Rawal that he wants to marry Tabu is absolutely brilliant. The movie nosedives from that point and is not worth watching. You can still watch the movie thrice just for the initial scenes where Tabu and AB are just awesome. AB is perfect as the senior citizen with the king sized ego who is awkwardly falling in love with a woman much younger. Tabu is also perfect casting as the 34 year old who is having a lot of fun watching the 64 year old slowly fall for her but having a lot of difficulty admitting it :) The neighbour's kid, Sexy, was a character that could have been deleted.

Balki rocks! Go watch Cheeni Kum!

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Anonymous Ms Cris says...

Good so this is the comment link after all.

I liked watching the movie, but my reasons are slightly different. First and most important, it had English subtitles, so I actually followed a full-length Hindi movie without having to look stupid, pretend laughter or disturb my mate for explanations.

Well there is not much of a second reason. It had humour and I like humour. Old man-younger woman relations - its alright I guess. I dont have a clue. Maybe I will when I turn 64.

And well opinions differ. I didnt mind the kid next door. The man needs to talk to someone besides his Mother. And the last quarter, I thought that was the natural course to follow. 58-year old Dads strangely dont always look forward to 64-year old son in laws.

Ilayaraja took the Cheeni-Kum song from an older Tamil movie of his own. Mani Ratnam's Mouna Ragam; song called "Mandham Mandham"

Ok that was too long. Btw nice language.

1:28 AM  
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Blogger Ajith says...

ANyday better than Rab Ne Bana di Jodi :)

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Volker says...

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Anonymous Sarah says...

A really nice read!Well there is not much of a second reason. It had humour and I like humour.

2:39 PM  

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