Monday, April 28, 2008

Random jottings

  • Is it only me or does the music of Dasavatharam sound exactly like what Himesh used to churn out in Hindi a couple of years back with alarming regularity and hit potential? (I am a Himesh fan myself, but agree his songs do not have a very high shelf life) Definitely does not live up to the hype.
  • Interesting trailer Dasavatharam had. More interesting was how f@rt summed it up - "Asin as Iyengar mami was impactful". Strongly agreer. And strong use of "impactful" :) The interesting part is that there is no mention of UHK (Universal Hero Kamalahassan) in his sum up of the trailer...I wonder if that is because his presence in it was just not effective enough or whether we do expect such gimmicks (for want of a better word) from the man. (Not finding fault with UHK here, I am one of the minority who felt Kamal was a super choice for Vettayadu Villayadu)
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a superb comedy! Pucca $ex comedy types. I wonder if this movie will get released in theatres in India at all, and if it does, how much of it would be chopped off...quite a bit I would think. The Preity Zinta look alike Mila Kunis is super strong.
  • Fedex loses against Nadal on clay yet again. Doubt if Fedex will claim the French Open this year. I am thinking he wont try so hard since the Grand Slam is already outta his reach this year.
  • Watched Tashan over the weekend. Wish Sriram Raghavan (Johnny Gaddar) was the director. His vision and style + this kind of a budget + these stars + super music = superhit pharmoola. There was so much scope for improvisation and innovation. Baradwaj Rangan has an excellent post mortem here. Other critics have a lot to learn, on writing movie reviews, from this man.
  • Rangan has another superb piece here. Cant agree more. Has the Indian audience not grown up yet? Or is it the film making fraternity that is still stuck with old world sensibilities?
  • A brilliant satirical piece on "Kerala Airways". Yep, the Kerala govt is planning to launch its own airways. Oh, Dog's Own Country is a brilliant blog to be up to date on all the idiotic stuff that happens in Kerala with alarming regularity.
  • At the other end of the spectrum is updates on India's largest IT park - Technopark. This is a superb blog to stay abreast with Technopark news.

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Anonymous Anonymous says...

lmao! pretty zinta lookalike? you're kiddin me, right?

although zinta should show some skin man ;)

3:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

PZ lookalike?!

May I know what you are on? :-P

11:44 PM  

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