Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The paparazzi are coming!

This is really required...especially since lots of US-based mags have dedicated paparazzi tirelessly (and shamelessly) trailing junta like Britney, Paris, Lindsay, Anna Nicole-Smith, "Brangelina" and tons of others who seem to be good fodder for "celebrity gossip". So far, the paparazzi have successfully killed Anna Nicole-Smith, driven Britney totally nuts and possibly killed Princess Diana as well. How would you like it if you had someone following, photographing, documenting and reporting (in public) your every single move? Even thinking of it makes me creepy...

It would be good fun if we import some of these paparazzi people into South India (they are already in Bollywood I guess) though:

Mammootty's new found penchant for yellow Malabar kailees!

Sneha-Nayantara catfight at Billa Returns premiere! Shalini to blame?

Mohanlal loves chilly beef!

Asin creates a stampede at Ascendas food court!

What was KPAC Lalitha wearing at the Asianet film awards?

Bhavana's pet Alsation catches a cold, rushed to the vet!

Suresh Gopi's nephew arrested for suspected drunken driving!

Vishal's new range of footwear finds no takers!

Prakash Raj's surprise visit to the Anna Nagar Saravana Bhavan!

Dhanush spotted working out at the gym!

Vikram loves the bhel puri at Gangotri!

Rajinikant catches a cold! (Following this recent one)

Vadivelu zooms across town in his new black Mercedes convertible!

How many of these would you read?

Postcript: Stumbled upon this howlarious article! The Hottie and the Nottie has zoomed to the top of's Bottom 100, that is an achievement!

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Blogger silverine says...

When I watched Britney Spears on the Telly being taken to hospital, I could only sympathize with her. I would also go nuts, perhaps sooner with this kind of a gold fish bowl existence. This is no joke and I am surprised n one in the US is doing anything about it.

btw the list was lol!!

1:07 PM  
Blogger priya says...

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