Friday, February 15, 2008


Watched a few tamil movies over the past week. Here are some thoughts...

Azhagiya Tamil Magan:
  • Illaya Dalapathy skilfully, and with alarming regularity, defies gravity. He tries, but is not convincing enough in the double role. It is possiby not his mistake because the storlyline, or the lack of it, lets him down, badly.
  • Special effects never looked so bad in a mainstream commercial movies with this kind of a budget. Very amateurish.
  • No screenplay/story as such. Logic goes for a royal toss.
  • The Extra Sensory Perception angle was pretty much unnecessary. If it was only to contribute to the climax, the storywriter might as well have though about some other gimmick. With a better director, the movie would have totally rocked I think. A great opportunity goes abegging...
  • Music absolutely rocked! This is one of God's bestest Tamil albums!
  • Shriya looks awesome, and tries her best to act.
  • Comedy was pretty good. Shakeela, who comes in the initial reels and suddenly just disappers, could have been avoided.
  • Worth skipping. Just get the audio CD and listen to it at home. Dont see the video of Nee Marilyn Monroe on TV or elsewhere, you will have nightmares for quite some nights.
  • Better luck next time Vijay! Maybe you should just stick to your regular fare...

  • Fight. Fight. Song. Fight. Fight. Song. Fight. Interval. Fight, Song. Fight. Fight. Song. Climax fight. End titles. The movie is just a lot of action scenes strung together by a weak romance storyline and duets.
  • Good music, yet again, from Harris Jayaraj.
  • Vikram looks very bulky, and convincing as the one-man army.
  • Raghuvaran is totally wasted. I had huge expectations from a movie starring Raghuvaran and Prakash Raj :(
  • Movie looks slick, though some of the action is gravity defying.

Pirivom Santhippom:
  • The first half is as realistic and honest as a movie can ever be! You sometimes think a hidden camera is at work...they seem so natural. The director succeeds in just steering clear of sounding cliched...well, mostly.
  • Awesome songs. And easily one of the top soundtracks of 2007. Vidyasagar's most melodious album yet.
  • Sneha is the 'hero' of the movie, and she is damn effective. I do have my own reservations of her name in the movie - Sala - a kind of short version of her actual name Visalakshi.
  • Some super comedy scenes - esp the parotta song scene :)
  • There is not much of a storyline. Nothing really happens in the two and a half odd hours of the movie. Boy from huge joint family gets into arranged marriage with Girl. Girl falls totally in love with the concept, and members, of the extended huge family. Boy gets transfer to random hillstation takes Girl with him. Loneliness gets to the girl. Boy realises this towards the end of the movie. Boy and Girl go back to joint family. Simple! There are no major twists and stuff. Peaceful.
  • The sincerest movie I have seen in a long long time. Way better than the above two movies. Worth a watch when shown on TV.

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Anonymous Anonymous says...

Is your bout of silence supposed to indicate that folks onsite are very busy? :P

- The One Who forgot his blogger password

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Blogger Anandham says...

I decided not to watch ATM for obvious reasons. Neither the songs impressed me much.

Had the bad luck of watching Bheema on the 2nd day without knowing anything about the storyline except Lingusamy, Vikram & HJ. Cinematography definitely is great in this one.

PS - A simple, but very good movie to watch. You missed Jeyaram's role as the village doctor. His character is very well portrayed. It reminds me of the saint doctors who travels to patients house to treat them in Zen or some other religion.

Nice post!!!
Keep writing!!!

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