Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Sunshine State

Its been around 10 months since I last touched this blog...partly because of loss of interest in blogging, and partly fuelled by other new interests - primarily Ludwig Van Beethoven and Photography.

I did delete a Photo blog I had earlier and registered a new one which I am yet to start using...I have been using Picasa online a lot lately and maybe I will mirror some selected pics in this new photo blog...lotsa work... Photography skills and the urge to experiment and fiddle around with the camera settings have been improving steadily though my poor little Panasonic Lumix digicam is not quite enough to bear the brunt of my "lofty" vision :) Should get a Digital SLR soon...

I have moved from the Summer city of Chennai to the Sunshine State of Florida middle of January. Good fun, the next few months should be...Miami, here I come!

Fedex's loss in the Aussie Open semis was a bit disappointing, but then Djokovic simply blew him away, and deserved to win, every bit...and it is actually great for tennis to see neither Rafael nor Roger feature in a Grand Slam Final after two and a half years or so, these guys have just been so good all this time. Of course, it is way too early to start writing Federer's obituary...just one of his bad days. The good thing out of this is that this has dashed his hopes of a Grand Slam this year (as well) and he will be under lesser pressure to perform at Roland Garros which would hopefully bring out the best in him, and he will hopefully reign on clay this year! Optimistic huh :)

Talking about tennis reminds me, I have started off playing this game called Racquetball out here. Very similar to squash, and pretty good exercise too! Hopefully, the enthu to play the game will be with me for a few more months at least :) The good thing about working in a client location in the US is that you get to go home at a decent time daily and have time for side businesses like this...lemme try and capitalise on that...

Hopefully blogging regularly will also be part of my agenda, at least the photo blog :) As Thalai says in Billa, "I am back" :)

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Blogger Sudheer Narayan says...

Welcome back maams!

2:39 PM  
Anonymous The guy who forgot his blogger password says...

Gaprocks 2008.

10:59 PM  

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