Monday, January 29, 2007

No one does it faster than FedEx!

The Roddick victory was annihilation at its clinically precise best. No top seed might have ever been humiliated on court the way Federer treated Roddick in the semis. And it was obvious in the post-match press conference that Roddick was as pissed as Saddam was during his trial. When have you last heard a phrase that sounded like "it is not everyday that you get your butt kicked like that on court" in a post-match conference!

Gonsalez did put some fight in the first set only to lose the plot completely in the tie-breaker. But ya, much better fight than Roddick...mebbe FedEx had the Grand-Slam-final-jitters :)

All wishes to FedEx to equal Rod Laver this year, and go past him and Sampras next year!

Fedex - Swiss Perfection, since 1981

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Blogger pophabhi says...

Fed Ex is going great. Hope he reaches Agassi's Grand Slam.

The man is just going and going.

2:10 PM  

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