Friday, January 19, 2007

Movies 2007

Have been watching too many movies lately...and getting too lazy to write about them. Maybe I should just summarize the movies in here with a couple of lines, for the greater good of the movie viewing fraternity...I have watched a whopping 12 movies in the 19 days that have passed this year!


(2.5/5): I knew what to expect from a Sooraj Barjatya movie, and he did not disappoint! He remains faithful to his regular formula of rich huge joint family plus perfect hero plus perfect heroine plus perfect dad plus all the perfect people you can think of plus sentiments plus things unthinkable of in todays get the drift. Definitely a movie of the kind which no one else would dare make today!

Main, Meri Patni aur Woh (2/5): Very ordinary story. Worth watching only for Rajpal Yadav's sincere performance.

Woh Lamhe (1.5/5): Horrible. The 1.5 rating is only because of the brilliant soundtrack...but then some of those were lifted...well, never mind.

Guru (3.5/5): A Mani Ratnam movie after a decently long time, I had to love this :) Rajiv Menon's cinematography was pure magic. Wish he gets less selective and works more with a few of our top directors. God is in good form (except for a unhearable Baazi Laga which thankfully does not appear in full in the movie). Beautiful movie. My guess is I would revise it to 4 stars after I watch the movie again!


Jackass the movie 2
(2/5): Grossly gross. You better not be in your sense when you watch it! Kudos to the crazy crew who does such crazy unthinkable stunts

Blood Diamond (2/5): Some very good locales, and a good performance by DiCaprio. But we have had a far better movie made on Africa, albeit on a different subject - Hotel Rwanda. Too cliched a storyline for my liking as well.

Natural Born Killers (3.5/5): One of the best commentaries on the media I have seen. This takes sensationalism of violence by the media to a real extreme. A Quentin Tarantino style of movie making not withstanding, this seriously violent movie also makes sure you dont understand all of what you see! This Oliver Stone (JFK) directed movie is really worth a watch if you can stomach the blood and gore. Recommended!


Vesham (0/5): I refuse to even write about this Mammotty movie. Utter crap!

Achanurangatha Veedu (3.5/5): Comedian Salim Kumar is fantastic as the hapless father of 3 teenage daughters. The story is really reminiscent of some of the "sensational incidents" that seem to happen on a regular basis in Kerala. Anyone who has been in malluland for the past few years can identify with almost everything that happens to the family. Definitely one of the best mallu movies to come out in 2006.

Vargam (2.5/5): Prithivraj is awesome as Solomon! Some kickass dialogues and confrontations in the first half are worth it. People change colours faster than a chameleon and it moves pretty unpredictably till the cliched climax spoils things. A better ending would have worked wonders.

Bada Dosth (2/5): Time pass. Regular stock Suresh Gopi movie.


Thiruvilaiyaadal Aarambham (2/5): Good timepass :)

I will be more regular with th e rest of the movies I watch this year..ok..I will try to


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Wow .. that's a lot of movies! .. I thought the first Jackass was extremely funny, but the sequel was just more mean, which wasn't nearly as appealing

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