Thursday, December 07, 2006

There are some things

Another "Mastercard moment" happened in my life a coupla days back...met up with a few school friends some of whom I had last met in school, some as long as 9 years back...and it was truly awesome to see some of them after so many years...ambitious teenagers not so long back, now making their mark in different walks of life...

In pic (L to R): Deepak, IT guy; Srikant, IT guy; Venkatesh, MS student; Manu; IT guy; Kiran, IT guy; Sandeep, Movie producer; Venu, Bank officer; Jaikishan, IT guy; Rohit, Businessman

I was genuinely amazed to find that there were a few people who were not part of the Great Indian IT marathon, but were still contributing to India's GDP in other ways.

May I have more "Mastercard moments" in life. Amen.

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Blogger ചെലക്കാണ്ട് പോടാ says...

nice to see u all together

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