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Gummunu pala paadalgal

New York: Am absolutely addicted to this! God is in awesome form here! Awesome chorus too...wonder where He finds such people. The second interlude is awesome as well. And the brilliant ending too. Check out 0:43 to 0:48 for some sound like a walkie-talkie crackling or something which you can hear if you listen closely. Surya going in a helicopter or something? Smooth, soft, soothing - the perfect single-song-loop worthy song. Top of my list! Wow! (The quality of this song was very bad on my CD, the same on one of my friend's CD as well. Universal problem?)

Munpe Vaa: Shreya Ghosal’s voice is absolutely divine! Was just wondering, this song wud have been mindblowing if this song was a solo by Shreya Ghosal...somehow Naresh Iyer seems slightly out of place in this song. Listen to thozhi, oru sila nazhi, thani ena aanal...ketten ennai naane, just before the beginning of the second interlude. And listen to Naresh Iyer right after this to undserstand what I meant. If not for this, the song would have been right on top of my playlist, for a very long time! The rango rangoli part is very cute. So is the absolutely stunning opening of the song, watever that amazing instrument is. And the beats rock! Beautiful.

JOK: Tanvi seems perfect for the song! And this has an awesome 80s feel, very much like Hello Mr Ethirkatchi, maybe a bit more. Was pleasantly surprised to see that there was only one singer for the song :-) Tanvi does have an amazing range, listen to the ending lines of the song to know why. The ending slowly distorts away, maybe the movie shows this song being played on a gramophone or something? Worth listening, but not too much of repeat value.

Maja Maja: Never was a fan of seduction songs, but Shreya Ghosal again forces you to hear this :) SG and SPBC bring out the “mood” real well :) can get a bit boring after some time though

Maaricham: One of the most experimentative tracks from ARR. Pretty innovative stuff. You will love it after you listen a few times continuously. Check out the beginining lines and the Tejomayam closing. Only God can compose such a song! Dont expect it to be a popular hit, but definitely a hit with people who love different music.

Kummi Adi: Energetic voice, thought the singer was Sriram (Aarumuga Saamikku) first time around. Nice naattupura song. Listening further, Siva's voice is a kind of cross between Sriram and Manicka Vinayagam. Swarnalatha is the perfect choice here.

Machakaari: Great beats, amazingly energetic singing, some unimaginative lyrics - onnu rendu moonnu, 4, 5, 6, 7...macham thaan..aargh! Bottom of list, but a potential hit.

Favourites? NY <> MV > Maaricham > Kummi Adi <> JOK > Machakaari >> Maja Maja

Worth the wait? Hell yeah! New York and Munpe Vaa alone make the album paisa vasool! I was deeply disappointed by Godfather, but now God is truly back! Go grab your copy of the CD right away!

[Krishna, the director of JOK, was a one-time assistant of Gautam. Gautam has used HJ for all 3 of his movies so far (Minnale, Kaakha Kaakha and Vettayadu Villaiayadu). And HJ was ARRs asst once upon a time. So (not taking away the genius of any of the four) would Minnale have sounded something like JOK, if ARR composed the music with Gautam? Just a thought, by a very long shot, and many assumptions. But then, it would be unfair to compare Minnale and JOK because of various reasons. Comparisons, comparisons...]

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Blogger Aravind says...

awesommmme album da!!!
ARR rocks!! :D

nice review from u! :D

8:15 AM  
Anonymous shwea says...

kummi adi is sung by naresh iyer, swarnalata and dr.chidambaram

8:42 AM  
Anonymous vimal abraham says...

Been a silent reader of your blog for a while...good review dude. Cant differ a bit with respect to New York and Jilendru Oru Kadhal...they are surely the tops!!! try downloading the album...i felt the download of newyokr @160kbps was ok...havent got the original album cant say if its better.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Elysia says...

Came here from smiley's blog. Have to get this album now, especially after such rave reviews...I miss bracket.... :(

11:36 AM  
Blogger Vinod Sankar says...

watched the movie?? pretty disappointing, especially if you walk into the theatre believing what surya said about SOK in the press ("this would be a landmark movie ...").

7:22 PM  
Blogger Vinod Sankar says...

:)). Do you know this guy? He's writes in the New Indian Express. (

"Sillunu Oru Kadhal makes you feel bad for several talented people. Rahman is one, for most of his numbers are indifferently visualised (and a similar indifference is evident in their placement in the narrative). After this movie, we shouldn’t complain that he keeps running off to Bollywood, because if he’s going to compose an exquisite mood song like New York nagaram and if he’s going to see its misty melancholy sapped away by cheesy visuals of Surya preening around in a series of snazzy jackets and sunglasses, why would he want to do good work here anymore?"

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Rupesh says...

check out:-

3:49 AM  

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