Monday, July 17, 2006


I am thinking
about my next blog post

I said
with constant regularity, I will reduce my waist size...i say it yet again!

I want
to crash! Badly deprived of sleep and a splitting headache

I wish
I could *edit* my future

I miss
Trivandrum! Just back from a trip home...motivated to settle down in TVM asap

I hear
Yedho Ondru frm Laysa Laysa on my mobile

I wonder

what is the whole point of life

I regret
nothing...absolutely no regrets..yet

I am
(still trying to find the answer)

I dance
when I am in 'high spirits'...gaana paattu, punju bhangra, prodigy...bring 'em on!

I sing
when I am having my bath

I cry
(dont recollect when it obsessed with being happy and spreading the happiness)

I am not
political or religious

I write
when I am in the mood, which is getting rarer

I confuse
all the fuel suppliers (all 3 of them, and yeah the others too...India oil, Indo-Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan petroleum, some vague British stuff; and power, speed, speed 93, hi-speed, extra expensive, extra mileage and the rest of them)

I need
to wake up one hour earlier and push myself to start exercising!

I should
stop listening to gaana songs when I have a bad headache! (in this case TR energetically "crooning" Yammadi Aathadi rt now)

I finish
my food at the table first and my ice cream last

Guess I have to tag along a few ppl...I choose
Ajith (post this in mallu!)
and all the good and jobless people who are willing to take this up...just keep me posted!

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Blogger banished soul says...

took it up... :) wassup with ya?

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