Monday, June 05, 2006

5 ways to keep in touch with nature

Bored with the usual sleep-food-television-movie-theatre-shopping weekend routine? Try these sometime...
(1) Go onto the top of a mountain. Hopefully, it will be windy there. Outstretch your hands and sink in the sweet fresh air. Preferably do this in the early evening/late evening. (P.S. This was done by Kareena Kapoor/Bachchan Jr in the dud Main Prem Ki diwani hoon in the song Aur Mohabbat Hain)
(2) Get to some nice lake/backwater spot, preferably somewhere in Kerala. Find a nice coconut tree close to the bank. Pick a full moon day. Dip your legs in the water, enjoy the full moon, listen to the sounds of nature.
(3) Go to some beach in the late afternoon, in the monsoon season. Preferably pick a slightly crowded beach, and a cloudy day, and sit as far away from any sort of shelter. Wait for the rain to pour down. And when it pours, dont bother to get up. Soak up some rain and watch the other people run helter-skelter for shelter. Have fun!
(4) Another one on the beach, thsi at late night, again very close to the sea. Lie down on your back on the sand and count the stars. One, two, three...
(5) This one has to be done in Kerala. Get a houseboat for rent, plant yourself right in front on the nose of the boat, legs hanging down on the sides of boat, preferably late in the afternoon. Feel the wind in your hair!

Do all this alone. With as little human intervention as possible. Revel in the sounds of nature...

I have tried all 5. How 'bout you?

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Love this list, good advice.

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