Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Swades calling?

Are we going to see more Mohan Bhargavas coming back into our/their country?
Has our country started looking good enough for the NRIs (Non Returning Indians) to settle down?
Is India really shining?


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Anonymous Gaayathri says...

Its a matter of time as Vineeth Sekhsaria says. Did u read an article in the Metroplus a couple of weeks ago? It was about the same story of NRIs deciding to come back to their home country aftre having earned enough. Though of course "enough" was defined by each one seperately. There has been a definite shift. Most people I spoke to feel the same way(was plannin to go abroad to study an come back myself so was jus asking couple of ppl bout these things). one of those in the article said that now, the way India is going, if you have enough money then India is the place to be. Though I dont think they would come under the same bracket as Mohan Bhargav ;)

2:01 PM  
Blogger Prash says...

Do you think India needs those NRI's ? I think India can become a developed nation without NRI's. NRI's can only be a local image of India in other parts of the world. If they come back to India and share their 'savoir-vivre' and 'savoir-faire'...good! if not, i don't think India is loosing anything...we are capable of doing things on our own...we have come all this way without those NRI's...havn't we ?

2:39 PM  

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