Wednesday, May 24, 2006

RDB DVD - deleted scenes

Around 7 mins of deleted footage is available in the DVD with and without the director's commentary. The scenes are:

(1) Laxman is practising a dialogue with Aslam. He finds it extremely difficult to look him in the eye and say "yeh des utna hi tera hain jitna ki mera"
(2) Azad, Bhagat Singh and gang in hiding in some place, have had no food for a long time..Sid starts to ‘share’ imaginary biriyani, dal and roti with his friends..Sharman is unimpressed initially and then joins in the fun and DJ gets senti on seeing all this. Finally DJ does manage to get some coins frm somewhere and they all wait in front of a jilebi shop while the jilebis are getting ready. The shop is rt in frnt of a movie theatre and Sid proposes they go in for the movie with the money. His friends are shocked, but ultimately they do end up watching the movie and Aamir gets senti on watching the eotional scenes in some arbit English movie. The make up of the characters with their parched lips and "hungry look" is beautifully done.
(3) Aamir practices some line and gets senti and totally involved in his character – scene signifies that “line between past and present begins to blur” for DJ, according to directors commentary
(4) A scene of the 5 dead bodies being brought out and Sonia and Sue crying on seeing the bodies
(5) The controversial “horse” scenes in the RDB song

Pretty good stuff. None of the scenes, except (5), have any music..guess they were edited off even before re-recording happened.

If you havent got the DVD yet what are you still waiting for?!

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Ass.... Rip the dvd and send me a CD.

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