Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Love Failure on air

There was this call-in programme at 9PM yesterday on Suryan FM called Hello Suryan FM or something, with a host named 'Funky' Shankar i think. The theme of yesterdays one hour programme was kaadhal tholvi or 'love failure'...an interesting theme no doubt. What the programme expected was people have failed in love to call in, share what went wrong, and give some karuthu or kavithai (opinion/message or poem). Some interesting observations on the programme:
(1) The sympathy part from the RJ was pretty bad, but atleast he had the decency to say a disclaimer that 'he was only giving advice as a human being' and not some agony uncle or psychologist or something.
(2) The RJs voice sounded far from 'funky' :-)
(3) Awesome choice of songs initially - Poi Solla from April Maathathil, Venmathiyie from Minnale, Kathal Yenbathu from Oru Kallooriyin Kathai, Unna Nenachen Paattu Padichen and Oru Poyyavathu from Jodi. Then it switched over to love songs - Ennai Kanavillaye from Kadhal Desam, Snehithane from Alai Payuthey and Kanni Vittu from Pattiyal.
(4) ALL the callers were males...now that does say something about females...and males!
(5) Family approval seemed to be a major problem. A couple of callers claimed that the female unceremoniously dumped them!
(6) There were some nice couplets on love failure from the callers.
(7) There were callers of all kinds - those who resigned to their fate and forgotten what had happened, people still laguishing in their past, happy people, sad people...
(8) 3 songs each by YSR and ARR and one each by IR and HJ.

I did listen to the whole programme...and it had me thinking...just what is this love? and what makes people go crazy about it?! It was not exactly very appealing to listen to about 10 callers getting senti about their love failures...I sure dont wanna be one of them!

Maybe it is something very very dangerous...good that I have not found the right woman yet! I can wait! ;-)
I am very contended listening to love songs and watching romanic movies till then :-)

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Blogger eV says...

You forgot this poem that you came across during the call:

Ae Kaathale, kaathiruppen.
Yen vaazhkayin oru nodiyilavathu dharisanam thaa.
Antha oru nodi bothaikaaha, kaathiruppen.
Athu varai bottle bothaiye thunai.

I still cant quite believe that you didnt mention this in your post :)

9:26 PM  
Blogger DD says...

Na re, I do remember this one though

En idhayathil aani adithu vilagi vittai
Antha aaniyil
Un padathai naan maattikonden!

9:55 AM  
Blogger Ellie Moore says...

yes, failing in love is indeed an interesting topic. That's why i am also sharing some love failure messages to help you guys to cope up.

9:05 PM  

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