Monday, May 22, 2006

Life rocks!

Some songs can do this to you...listen to them once, u wanna listen to them over and over again...

One of them has come close (really close) to answering what life is all about. Lemme share some thoughts on what I learnt:

Believe in destiny. You are here to do something. Like Shakespeare famously quoted in As you like it:
"All the worlds a stage ..
and all the men and women, merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
and each one in their time plays many parts."
Really really true. Even the Bhagavadgita echoes something on the same line (dont rem the exact Sanslrit words):
Whatever happened was for your good;
Whatever is happening is for your good;
Whatever will happen will be for your good!

This again points to the funda of dont control your life, it is some other force which does that...some force which a lot of people refer to as God and some dont believe in.
Me? I do believe in God, but not as the Hindus, Christians and Muslims define it...I guess God should ideally be Mother Nature, or whoever controls Mother Nature.

Again similar to what is echoed in the song i was referring to:

Yethanai kodi kanneer manmeethu vizhinthirukkum
Athanai kanda pinnum bhoomi ingu poo pookum

(How many crores of tears have fallen on this earth, flowers still bloom here...)
Nature does not care what happens to whom...because it was all decided by Nature in the first place...

Athu enakku, ithu unakku, ithayangal podum thani kanakkku
Aval enakku, ival unakku, udalgalum podum puthir kanakku
Unakkum illai, ithu enakkum illai, padaithavane ingu eduthukolvaan
Nallavan yaar ada kettavan yaar, kadaisiyil avane mudivu seyvan

Ulagathin oram nindru athanaiyum paathiruppom
Nadappavai naadagamendru naamum sernthu nadithiruppom
Pala mugangalvendum seri maatikolvom
Pala thiruppam theriyum athil thirumbikolvom
Kathai mudiyum pokil athai mudithukolvom

Maru piravi venduma....?

Last line leaves u thinking...but I definitely dont mind a rebirth! Life can really be fun! It is all in your own hands! That my dear friends is the key to happiness. There is no purpose in life if you are still looking for one. Get onto this planet, live, have fun, die some day. Thats it!
Life is calling..where are you! Go...have fun!

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