Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Great Race

Wacky! Slapstick! Cartoonish! 3 words to describe this 1965 movie which is dedicated to "Laurel and Hardy"...

The movie is about how Tony Curtis (as The Great Leslie), to prove his country's supremacy in automobiles, stages a race from New York to Paris, and the only major competition he faces is from his arch rival John Lennon (Professor Fate) and his clumsy sidekick Max. Throw in a lady reporter covering the event and you have a proper masala movie! This is typical cartoon stuff, and definitely one with some of the most innovative vehicles and wacky ideas ever invented! It claoims to have the largest pie fight in motion picture history (I do agree to that!). Them ovie follows Leslie's team, Prof Fate and Max as they travel through deserts, Alaska, snow, dust, palaces and meet kings, Indians, polar bears(!), gun yielding cowboys..everything you can ever imagine!

And yeah, Curtis and Lennon were the leads in another rollercoaster of fun Some Like it Hot (with Marilyn Monroe) which is considered one of the best comedies ever.

This movie also inspired the cartoon Wacky Races. You wont find one-liners here, just loads of fun!

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