Monday, May 29, 2006

Another 3-movie weekend

The 3 culprits this time - Pudupettai, Munich and Thiruttu payale
The Other was my partner-in-crime for all three, but i doubt if he will write moret han a couple of lines of review :)

One eagerly awaited movie, flattered to deceive...not totally deceived though! Though disappointment was a bit high immediately after the movie, I would not mind watching it again..after a gap of one month or so. The story is of a young lad Dhanush, the son of a goonda, who is a Mama's boy. Dad kills Mom one day in a fit of rage and Boy runs away from home. He is all by himself in the big bad world and tries a hand at begging. His path crosses that of a drug peddling gang and they 'recruit him'. Though totally inexperienced, he rewards loyalty with loyalty and can endure great physical pain and still come out alive(!). He kills his own boss to make his daughter, Sneha, a prostitute, his own. How he manages to sustain himself as the new boss and grow bigger is the rest of the story. Sonia Agarwal comes somewhere in between and disappears.
The major innovations in the cinematography has paid off and the movie has an awesome look and feel throughout. Yuvan's music is the real hero of the movie! [Oru Naalil was not part of the movie :( ] Absolutely loved Neruppu Vaayinil on screen, the other songs looked pretty good. The first half is well paced, but the second half drags as Selvaraghavan struggles to retain interest through numerous twists and turns. Having most of the songs in the first half also does not help the second half's pace. Dhanush is good in the lead role, so is Sneha.
Does not live up to the hype - 3/5

Spielberg's take on the Munich Olympics tragedy, this movie takes a look at what happens after the massacre and how revenge is taken. The 70s are brilliantly reconstructed, and the killings are downright gruesome. Awesome visuals, this is yet another Spielberg classic.
Awesome, especially if you like these kinda movies - 4/5

Thiruttu Payale
Lotsa good reviews from the press and others does not a good movie make. Confusing movie, takes the premise of blackmail a bit too far. Jeeva is good, but not exactly hero material (even though he is the anti-hero here), Sonia Agarwal looks fat, especially in the swimsuit scenes, Vivek comes and disappears, Abbas the lesser said the better, Malavika was good :)
Couple of good songs, Sonia Agarwal in a bikini/swimsuit/whatever - nothing else in the movie - 2/5

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