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Yeah yeah yeah, I went to a theatre to watch this movie :)) Long time since I saw a really nice comedy.
The movie was at Woodlands theatre, and the whole place was filled with huge cutouts of Captain in politician dress (you know, the white shirt, white veshti stuff), and even a pic of MGR somewhere in between...
I asked for two tickets at the counter. The guy at the counter gave me one look:
"Inga Sudesi Oduthu"
"Athukku thaan ticket edukkareengala?"

Attack the theatre and we just ,manage to catch the titles rolling out. We learn that the CM of the state, leader of the Ka Ka Thoo Ka party (yeah, this IS the name, no exaggeration!) is on his deathbed. Sayaji Shinde does some fraud, kills him and becomes CM. Enter Captain (as Sudesi) in an orange track-suit, jogging(?) on the middle of some road, in the middle of the day. He finds some villains and bashes them up. Typical intro scene. Then some punch dialogues. Sudesi enga thappu nadanthalum thatti ketpan. Of course, we have no clue how he lives in a huge mansion like house alone with his mother. He does not do any work for a living as far as I could make out. But then this is a Capt movie - no qns to be asked! Scenes of Captain with his thoppai, in a tight T-shirt, atop a Yamaha Enticer are genuinely funny. He goes to his village and conveys some messages to the people of the village in some song. IN some misunderstanding, CMs advisor bomb his house and his mother is dead. Captain is standing some 2m away from the bomb, but is ejected out of the building with minor scratches and a glass piece embedded in his heart(!) while the mansion is completely reduced to rubble. This is the interval. Phew!

He gets a CD which has a video of the current CM killing the ex-CM and blackmails the CM with this making him do a lot of good work. Oh did i mention the scene in which Captain meets the CMs advisor on the Kancheepuram High Road (which is near the ECR tollgate acco to the movie), in a very thick leather jacket, in the sweltering heat of Chennai? Dont miss it for your life!

Just before blackmail begins, Capt has some fun with Shinde and puts a bomb in his house. He wars Shinde where the bomb is and Shinde escapes. Then Capt says the mots famous punch dialogue in the padam:
"Naan joke-a panninathukke nee ivlavu serious aaytuye! naan serious aanen, unna joker aakiduven!"

After that, CM is blackmailed bigtime and forced to implement a lot of good projects. CMs goons have no impact on Sudesi. In one of the most stylish action scenes in the movie, Captains sunglasses are somehow thrown off his face vertically upward by some goon during a stunt. Capt smashes him up and a couple more of his mates and looks up - the sunglasses land perfectly on his round face. Brilliant! Enna style-u!

Somewhere along the way, a heroine is introduced who is really desperate to marry her 'mama' Sudesi, they sing a duet or two then she disappears. There are also a couple of item numbers with some Bombay items.

Election happens and Shinde wins 100 pc of Tamilnadu seats - somethiung never ever seen before in history. In the climax fight, one scene stands out. Bad guy smashes a heavy iron bar into Captains hand and the bar (obviously) bends around his hand :) Awesome stuff!

There is even a gap scene in which Karunas describes the differences between MGR and gabtun

Karunas: "Ungalukkum MGRukkum ore oru vyathyasam thaan irukku. Avar naakka kadichu pesuvaru, neenga palla kadichutu pesuveenga"
Gabtun: "Innoru vyathyasam irukku, avar kaiyyala adipparu (cut to some old MGR movie action scene), naan kaalala adippen!"
He then kicks Karunas....omigod, I was ROTFL...comedy man comedy!

Anyways, though this does not better any of his older movies, this is a must watch for action freaks, comedy lovers, Capt fans, politically ambitious guys, punch dialogue fans...what the heck, go watch the movie!

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Blogger Aravind says...

Now that I have read ur review, I will definitely watch the movie for the "entertainment" that it offers :

11:12 PM  
Blogger Sridhar Raman says...

Me too! :)

12:10 PM  
Blogger Sindhu says...

Whoah! Kudos to you for sitting through that whole movie. But its actually fun to watch such movies with friends.

12:41 PM  
Blogger DD says...

@Aravind/Sridhar: U sure shud!
@Sindhu: NEVER go alone for this movie! Go as kumbal, esp with junta who hv been exposed to Captain movies before and know what to expect!

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Gaayathri says...

:)) man tht was hilarious... gotta watch it now..

1:32 AM  

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