Sunday, March 19, 2006


Finally saw is a true masterpiece...period!

For junta who have not heard about it, the story goes sthg like this:
The main protagonist Oh Dae-Su is happily settled with his wife and a small kid. He is mysteriously kidnapped one fine day and finds himself locked up in a room with just a TV set for company, and he has no clue why he is there. He gets fried dumplings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He begs his faceless captors for escape, then asks them why he is there, then becomes violent and then submits to his fate. Plz note that this takes months..years...He finds out from the telly that his wife is murdered after one year of his disapperance and he has been cleverly framed for the crime. He stays in the cell for fifteen years, amidst visions of ants crawling all over his body, which symbolises his loneliness. He manages to dig through the wall, and after around 11 years, feels the rain outside...bliss...He also trains himself watching martial art movies and practices shadowboxing. He is cleaned up from time to time. A melody rings in his room and valium gas blows in. He becomes unconscious and is then cleaned up.

One day, after 15 years, he is released. He meets a young girl Mido at a restaurant where he goes in for a snack, eats some live squid, and passes out. Mido takes him to her place and nurses him back to normalcy. The rest of the story is how he finds out why he has been imprisoned for 15 years, and according to a mobile call he receives, he has only 5 days to find out. A lot of blood flows as the question changes from Who? to Why? to Why 15 years? and he finally finds out the answers...He comes face to face with his captor who urges him not to think why he was held captive, but to think why he was released...

This is one truly gorss movie, be it the hammer scene, the squid scene, the tongue scene...plenty of instances. The single-shot hammer+knife action scene is just brilliant! And this is one movie from which our heroines have something to learn - they have to see this movie to understand what a "sex scene crucial to the script" means. This has one, and that is ultimately the crux of the story. If i tell you anything more, I will give away most of the story :)

Ultimately, this is the best revenge movie I have ever seen. Loved the revenge which is definitely a bit too much, but very very sweet for the villain. Revenge rarely gets sweeter than this. Easily one of the best climaxes ever!

Watch this if you would like to watch a very engrossing gross revenge movie, where the revenge is not through bloodshed, but through something much worse...

P.S. 90pc of Sanjay Gupta's Zinda was copied from Oldboy, frame by frame, even the bl00dy hairstyle! This state of affairs in Bollywood is pathetic to say the least. SG successfully indianises it to make it illogical and boring and take away the brilliance of its original version. Sanju baba is a software engineer in Bangkok! ROTFL! Having been to Bangkok, I can safely say that less than 2pc of the people there speak English, God knows wht kind of software Sanju was developing there...maybe he knew Thai as a third language? Lara Dutta is there only for the sake of it. It doesnt get more ridiculous than a female Indian taxi driver in Bangkok. And god knows why she falls in love with him and makes love with him as well. Ridiculous! Dammit, I dont even remember what happens to her in the end. Plenty of loose ends and a bad and blatant copy. I vow never to watch a Sanjay Gupta movie ever again! Shameless..

P.P.S: For Chennai folks who are really enthu to watch this and cant source this movie, drop me a pvt mail...I will try to get it over to you!

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Anonymous Gaayathri says...

man i so gotta watch this now... any idea where i could get the cd?

1:01 AM  
Anonymous karan says...

what about folk in blore?

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