Monday, January 23, 2006


My folks recently acquired a Silver Maruti Swift Vxi. Was completely floored by the car's looks and could not wait to drive it. The engine was the same as the old Esteem engine which I was pretty familiar with, and I started off on a mini-highway drive to test out the car. I am not too good at writing car reviews, so I will just put in some feelers on how the car is...

The car accelerates brilliantly...i went till some 60 in 2nd and 90-100 in 3rd gear before I changed gears not wanting to screw a new car :) and the power steering is very precise. Brakes are good for the kinda limits u can push this car to in city driving...this is definitely MY kinda car! Power, steering, brakes...all i want in ample quantity!

Anyways one nice touch I liked was the in-car does not switch off like a conventional slowly dims off...very nice touch in a 'small car'...wen you switch off the car and get out, the light switches off only after you engage the central locking from outside..neat!

This is definitely the cheapest driver entusiast's car available in the Indian mkt right now!
Go get a test drive right away!

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Blogger silverine says...

hmm been toying with the idea of a Swift, it is roomy inside and has a classic air about it.

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