Monday, January 30, 2006

Rang De Basanti!

Stuck to a personal resolution of not reading even a single RDB review before watching it myself so that I go in with very little expectations. And it worked! yeah, it worked like hell! A very satisfying movie indeed! We need more movies like this instead of mindless shit like Zinda. People raved about Zinda being shot in Hollywood style and stuff, but if we really need to reach those standards, we need movies like this - ones that really make you think and possibly squirm in your seat.
This is possibly the first movie in which Aamir Khan takes a backseat and a newcomer like Siddharth nearly takes centrestage. Infact, if you take out an actor of Aamir Khan's stature and put in someone else, you realise that "DJ" was just one of the group of friends! Of course plenty of references to Bhagat Singh only made me like the movie more :) and the even better part was Sid 'playin' Bhagat Singh's character.
Lots of nice things about the movie make it Hollywoodish. The way the songs are fitted in, for example. If i remember right, of the 8 tracks, only the title track is in totality in the movie, and very rightly so! Reflecting back on the movie, it does not make sense for the full song to be placed in the movie. All the other tracks are there in the movie, but not just as mute background pieces, they capture the mood beautifully! I also dont remember anyone mouthing the song as well, it just plays in the background...beautiful touch! And God acshully comes up trumps by providing youthful retro music! Check out the scene in which the police chase Chandrasekhar Azad for instance. You get some nice rock/jazz playing in the bakground instead of classical tablas and stuff! Beautifully done. Also beautifully done was the music in the title credits - absolutely loved it! Definitely one of God's best!
Siddharth was a revelation. So were Kunal Kapoor and Sharman Joshi. Atul Kulkarni was awesome as ever, and so was Aamir Khan. Soha Ali Khan looked the cute part, and Sue was also pretty nice. And the characterisations were also strong - Sid being a bit of an aloof character, and a chain smoker; Kunal Kapoor's fascination for tea and art; Sharman Joshi's and DJs one liners...neat!
The movie does not end up being preachy like Swades possibly did, though the re-enactment of the Simon killing in today's life looks a bit too easy to have been executed. And the conclusion of the Rapid Action Force on the nature of the youth holed up inside the radio station seems perfectly logical. And they were just doing their duty too!
I remember watching Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's Aks just because it had Manoj Bajpai and Amitabh Bachchan in it (yep! in that order!) and i came away disappointed. Truly felt the director was torn between making an art film and a commercial film and ended up somewhere else. In RDB, he strikes a good balance. An awesome movie after a long time - THIS IS A MUST WATCH!

P.S: My roomie had a doubt on the status of the documentary shot by Sue - was it completed? I just though it was irrelevant. A typical Bwood movie might have shown the movie being released at the end after all the events and their repercussions, and the movie going on to be a big hit with praise from all quarters...thanks a lot Mr Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for not telling us wht happened to the documentary!

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Blogger arun says...


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Anonymous karan says...

It was a good movie principally for the Aamir-Khan-not-the-lead factor. Performances were mind-blowing.

The beginning of the second part, though, I thought was a little too abrupt and a little too extreme. It kinda spoilt the movie for me.

All in all, you got it nailed perfectly. A must watch; if for the performances alone.

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Blogger Vani Viswanathan says...

an awesome movie, it was! and the best part, it had no cliches....the ending topped it all....they couldn't have been more realistic with it!!

8:59 PM  
Blogger Aura says...

lots of hype about the movie and if its good or bad ..if you say its MUST WATCH ..noting goes beyond it ..Man .. I never used believe in film critics ..but yea ..I know trust you..waiting RANG de basantii ..the guitar strings of bangda ..if the title song still rocks in my year ..making me think why its getting late for seeing the movie..

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Anonymous rocksea says...

so u mean i better not read this entry? i read ur 1st para and stopped right there ;)

7:35 PM  
Blogger അരവിന്ദ് :: aravind says...

A Must watch..
I was so impressed by the story and the climax and the fucion of the past legends to the new avatars of heroism..atlast a hindi movie with logic and a screenplay with lots of thinking went to it.

Only draw back is the irritating background score of Mr Rahman..especially when the Jalian walabagh scenes are shown..the lady who sang, moans.

but the story, ultimate.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Atulan ( says...

guys, it's god's one of the creations... call it finesse of the actors, mehra's belief in his story telling, awe inspiring music of rahman, or even prasoon joshi's gulzar like lyrics... things go seldom seen in bollywood arena... coming to the subject of music which is quite close to my heart, the TITLE CREDITS, which lasts just over minute and a half and has no lyrics is testimony to rahman's genius one more time... it's too good to be missed... trust me you all who admire OST themes, haunting instrumental music... this track's gonna grown on you even if you play it once... i have been following it right the first time i listned to it as the movie was reeling... unputdownable... and yeah, use good quality speakers / headphones with nice bass to enjoy the track to the fullest

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