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Heard the soundtrack recently. This is my take on it:

Peek into assassin's life: Neruppu Vayinil
A surprise here as Kamalhassan croons this one. He is amazingly effective, and this is possibly one of his best renditions. There seems to be some sort of a special relationship between Kamal and Yuvan as the former also featured in a few songs in one of the latters earliest non-movie albums. Somehow this music reminds me of music from Kill Bill/Kung-fu/karate movies in some parts, possibly because of the instruments used.

Clash of Titans: The war story
Starts off like a Superstar inspired music track, then moves into some soothing symphony. Brilliantly done, this can fit into any Hollywood movie! Damn good!

Gangster's marriage party: Pul Pesum, Poo Pesum
The beginning is typical '50 cent' ishtyle :) and so are the beats! Vijay Yesudas sounds pretty good, making his mark after Kadhal Mattum in Kadhal Konden. A slightly above average song, which seems situational. Would do good if it apears as a background score, but considering it is a "marriage party track", i doubt if this would end up in the background.

Going thru emotions!: Prelude
Another very good track, lots of instruments...

It all comes down to this: Oru Naalil
YSR gets down to sing this one - my personal fav from the album. Melodiously sung by YSR for a change, and sexy interludes make this a damn good song to put in a continuous loop inspite of this being the longest song in the album at 6:25.
Especially liked these lines from the song -
Iruttinile nee nadakkayile un nizhalum unnai vittu vilakividum nee mattum thaan intha ulakathile unakku thunai enru vilangi vidum

Night Life: Varriya
Not too much singing in this song. Interesting track, but not all that great. Maybe a good video will make it sound better.

Oru Naalil: Composer's Dream Mix
This for the dance floor! The remix is pretty decently done.

Our Story: Enga Area
An interestingly done gangster song. I seriously expected a gaana song which is the opposite of wht the track turned out to be...raps and western beats make it a very listenable number - another one for the dance floor!

Pudhupettai Main Theme: Survival of the fittest
Damn! This number too would never feel out of place in a Hollywood movie! Brilliantly done!

Selling Dope: The Beginning
Sounds like an extension of the main theme, and retains the classiness. Only violins and a trumpet make up this wonderful track. Another one for a H'wood movie!

All tracks in the album get 5 stars on, which is not surprising. YSR scores a hat-tick with Selvaraghavan after Kadhal Konden and 7-G. The only concern is that the music is a bit ahead of the times for Tamil Nadu. The Selvaraghavan-YSR combo is definitely one of the most successful ones of our times after ARR-MR, ARR-Shankar, ARR-SJS and HJ-Gautham.

Hats off to YSR for giving this god-level album! 4.5 stars outta 5 to this! This is one of YSRs very best!

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