Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy Birthday!

I still remember the first time I heardGod at work - I was only 9 at the time Roja was released - with very little interest in music and stuff. That was when my Dad suddenly called me and my Mom to the radio some day, tuning into Ceylon radio (thats right! You can hear Ceylon radio at Trivandrum!) saying there was an interview with this dude Rahman who had done music for this movie called Roja by Mani Ratnam (whose Mouna Raagam I had supposedly seen more than 10 times by then inspite of not understanding much of what it was!). I also listened absently thinking this Rahman was the actor Rahman who had gone iunto music direction. Three years passed...another Mani ratnam movie by the name Bombay released amidst great controversy and I remember my uncle in Bombay telling us that the cassettes were totally sold out in Bombay city - SOLD OUT in a week of release! That was a time when I started listening more to music mainly under the impact of ARR music...the passion grew and in some 4-5 years I became a full-fledged fan, understanding and appreciating God much more. The song which is played most in my car right now is the very beautiful Luka Chuppi.

I attained Nirvana at the fag end of last year when God sang Vande Mataram live in pouring rain at midnight with thousands of screaming people singing along with him - that is one moment of my life I will never forget..

Oh God, demi-gods may come and go, but u r the one and only GOD! I bow to thee! I bow to your music!

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Blogger Rubic_Cube says...

Wonderful. The experience of Nirvana was unique. Azaadi followed by Vande Mataram. I have a audio recording of the song which I recorded on my cellphone. It is a little jarry, but an exact indicator of the crowd euphoria at that time. Let me know if you want that clip!

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Shah Navas says...

Hi. This is Navas.
Could you please mail the clip to

Thanks in Anticipation,

8:08 PM  
Blogger Rubic_Cube says...

Shahnavas and Deepak
Am emailing the sound clip to you both. Enjoy.
~ R_C

12:35 PM  

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