Friday, December 02, 2005

Cricket and traffic

Have you ever noticed driving a two-wheeler in traffic is something like batting in one-day cricket?

You see a vehicle in front of you and see if you can read the drivers mind as to where he will go.
You face the bowler and try to figure out where the ball will land and with how much pace.
A look at the drivers vehicle will give you the speed range with which he can move, the same way you look at a bowler's arm. A Karizma or a Yamaha would be a pace bowler, the 100cc econo-bikes and scooters are spin bowlers and can move in any direction. The part-time bowlers are cycles and autorickshaws. You never have a clue on how they will behave!

Once you have figured out how the ball is gonna reach you, you drive right in giving the right amount of power, moving in the right direction. If you come level with the vehicle in front of you, you have successfully played a defensive stroke. If you overtake, you have scored! If you zoom past, it is a boundary!

If someone goes past you, you have just been beaten. The traffic signals are Powerplays. Score to the max against your opponents in the Powerplay.

However you play, please make sure you never get out/dont reach your target. Remember, you are always chasing...may you win...always...

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Blogger silverine says...

If someone goes past you, you have just been beaten

This is an attitude about guys ( that includes a brother) that I have never understood!What's the big deal in someone overtaking you? :))

8:24 AM  
Blogger DD says...

At the risk of sounding girly, i gez it is a 'guy thing' :)

10:00 AM  

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