Monday, November 21, 2005

Se7en things...

...that have changed in my life ever since I left B-school and stepped into the big, bad corporate world...

  • I shave nearly everyday. Gone are the experimental moustaches (the handlebar for instance), the goatees, the french beards, the beard sans the moustache and all that stuff. And of course the mean and unshaven look.
  • I comb my hair everyday. Used to do it weekly not so long ago.
  • I walk around with your handsfree perpetually stuck to my ear, looking as if I am a deaf guy with a hearing aid on my ear(s).
  • I start almost all your telephone conversations with "Can we talk now?", "Do you have a minute?" or "A quick one..."
  • My bag always has an extra set of toothbrush, toothpaste and soap' and a tie.
  • I check my mail every 30 seconds (at least).
  • I am seriously thinking about getting a watch. The last time I wore one was 2 years back..for the CAT exam!

Sigh...those were the days...

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Blogger duttan says...

i guess u really enjoyed college life.

I would never say, "ah! I miss those days!"


11:25 PM  
Blogger DD says...

Get into a job da...u will understand :)I also thot the same wen I was in ur posn...
Rt now enjoy coll life as much as u can!

9:54 AM  
Blogger arun says...

Compare it with Life of a 20-something startup founder here

2:17 PM  

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