Thursday, November 17, 2005


If you are outside Kerala and a staunch Mohanlal, chances are you would not heard of such a movie the day it was released. But now you definitely must have!

A friday a couple of weeks back saew my friend fone me up and ask me
"Hey, are you comin for Rajamanickam today?"
"Huh? What?"
"Well, thts a new Mammootty movie which has released today..wanna join in?"

For someone who has not seen a proper movie in the theatre for quite a few days, this was an opportunity to break the monotony...and off we went to watch the movie..with zilch Anand theatre in Chennai.

In Kerala, there are broadly two kinds of people - ppl who love Mohanlal (mainly in South Kerala) and ppl who love Mammootty (mostly in the North). I fell in the first category. So had near negative expectations frm this movie :)

To top it all, this was how the posters showed the hero

Mammootty was bad enough for us...a loud Mammootty might be even more painful! Still..we had paid for the tickets and went in...
Having watched most of my mallu movies in Trivandrum, the response to a Mammukka movie in a place like Chennai was a relevation! The whole theatre was engulfed in a roar (!) as the titles began to an extent even rivalled the superstar's popularity in Chennai!

Anyways, the movie began...and the story has been described enough in other reviews. So for the other points from a cinegoers point of view:
(1) Mammootty ROCKS! Luks like Mohanlal will have to fight really really hard if he has to get back to numero uno status...Mammooty has catapulted himself into the top
(2) Thiruvanthoram slang by Mammootty was sooooper! Never even dreamt that he could carry it off... Kidilam appi!
(3) The best part was that this was carried throughout the movie! What I used to do back home was speak in slang outside and become 'decent' when at home. Same applied for mallu slang to gen junta, and a totally diff accent while talkin to ppl like Mom, Dad, etc. But in this, there is absolutely no change even when he talks to his Mom..after some 15-20 years...absolutely brilliant!
(4) Villain Ranjith looked bad, mainly because he shows his flabby anatomy in one scene...totally unnecessary! Heroine was unnecessary...and thankfully no duets in the movie.
(5) Mammootty is awesome in the dance sequences :)

Bellary Raja, Diamond Raja, Gold Raja...Rajamanickam! If there is one reason to watch the movie, it is Mammootty...go for it! Especially if u r frm thiruvanthoram, poi kaanappi...ithu pole padangal adhikam onnum varathilla ketta...kalippukal ondakkathe appikal po...

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Blogger eV says...

Dunno about Mallu movies, but he absolutely rocked in Azhagan and Thalapathi. I remember one interview he gave to DD1 (yeah, this was long ago) he exploded at the interviewer for asking him why his movie becomes a major hit in tam only with Rajni as the hero. He kept on blistering at her, it was just awesome! I kept wondering why DD chose to air the interview :)

8:42 PM  
Blogger kickassso says...

sthalle mammooty kalippu!

11:48 PM  
Anonymous karan says...

Read about our experiences with Rajamanickam in Kozhikode. It *was* hilarious

(halfway down the piece -- suggest you search the page for it)

{ }

2:45 PM  
Blogger Rosh says...

Mamookka was too good, especially when he does tat "Muscle Pidikal".

10:40 AM  
Blogger rohit says...

Usually i dont go for mallu movies very rare. mostly i like to watch hindi and of ma friend called me up to go for the new release ek ajnabee we was too late to get the ticket and went to watch rajamanikam i dint like title name of the movie but wen movie started we said wow! this is cool man we really enjoyed his style of slang talks etc.. guys you must watch this its sooper.

12:57 AM  

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