Friday, November 25, 2005


Finally saw Ghajini yesterday. And dint really live up to my expectations :-(
The "double trouble" was bad as most of the reviews did say. Surya plays two different characters in the movie and is decent in both. Asin as Kalpana is the most desirable/lovable character I have ever seen since Maya! Nayantara looks much scarier in "X-machi" than Jyotika in "lakalakalaka"...wonder whose 'brilliant idea' it was to make her dance in those skimpy clothes and make her run drenched in the rain towards the end. Omigod!
At the interval, I thought the movie totally sucked, but this is one of the few Indian movies I have watched which really picks up in the latter half. Maybe someone else in place of Nayantara would have helped.
Anyways, good timepass, good songs [Suttum Vizhi and Oru Maalai rock, and Asin is awesome in Rahatulla (also)], good cinematography, many logical issues. But not a movie I would go and watch again in a theatre. This is no Kaakha Kaakha. Sanjay Ramaswamy is nowhere near Anbuselvan IPS. Kalpana is just almost as good as Maya :-)
Oh did I mention I always wanted to marry a schoolteacher ever since I saw Maya :-)
And did I also mention Asin played Maya in Gharshana, the telugu version of Kaakha Kaakha
Linkages..linkages.. :)

P.S. Guess these fotos were only publicity gimmicks, dint c them in the movie..neone else did?

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Blogger Aravind says...

>> Oh did I mention I always wanted to marry a schoolteacher ever since I saw Maya :-)

Neeyumaa??? Namma karthika04 kooda first yearla irundhu adhai thaan sollittu irukkan :))

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

hey! i'm from s'pore (: your blog's cool! keep up the good work man.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Prasanth "PC" Chandrahasan says...

Gajini is the Tamil version of "memento", one of "IMDB top 250" films. Well copying is also an art (or as they say, the best form of flattery). But still much to go before we can atleast make a decent replica of a Hollywood movie.


12:36 PM  
Blogger DD says...

Well Ghajini is only 'loosely inspired' by Memento, but there was a lot of modification to the storyline which you dont find in too many Indian movies inspired by Hollywood movies..tht way Murugadoss has done a pretty decent job

12:39 PM  

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