Monday, November 21, 2005

Gambhir rocks!

Was absolutely brilliant to see Gautam Gambhir return a glare from Andre Nel in the Bangalore ODI...especially because most Indian batsmen of the current team dont usually have the temperament to do this; they usually end up looking at the ground and "look busy tapping the bat on the pitch", etc. No one usually has the 'guts' (if you may call it that) to return a glare from someone like McGrath, or in this case, Nel. Gautam Gambhir finally had the last laugh when Nel ended up complaining abt this to the umpire (rotfl) and the umpire finally intervened and told Gambhir to wear a smile on his face. The umpire actually drew a smile with his hand in front of his face indicating him to smile and not glare! Hats off to Gambhir's temperament...we need more people in the Indian team to do this!

An interesting term for Nels behaviour on Gaurav's blog "pulling a McGrath" :)

Another feat which went largely unnoticed was Murali Kartik's excellent spell of 10-4-16-0. Sad he was not among the wickets but he certainly had a major role in building up the pressure on the batsmen forcing them to err and throw away their wickets, sadly not to Murali Kartik..Better luck next time!

And looks like the Chennai ODI might be washed out judging by yesterday's and today's weather...keep your fingers crossed...