Friday, October 28, 2005

Nature's Fury II

Barely two days after I blog about Nature's fury on mankind, Nature unleashed torrential rains on Chennai city! The roads were totally flooded and the whole city came to a grinding halt on Thursday after some 48 hrs of incessant rain. We were forced to stay indoors, venturing out only to capture some pics of the rain and the ensuing 'flood'. Offices and schools were shut down, and our house looked like a provision store 'coz we stocked up for a week fearing the worst. And the telly was cut effectively releiving us of news channels and other entertainment. Time was passed by carroms and movies, because thankfuly ours was one of the few lucky areas in Chennai where power still existed.

We went to sleep, after hearing news of an impending cyclone set to pass through the Tamil Nadu coast early in the morning, fearing the worst.

Woke up today morning to find everything back to normal! No floods, sunshine, walkable roads...and had to rush to work, as usual :(

Anyways, unlike Bangalore which was totally screwed up by the rains, Chennai city, being much bigger, looked better than the sights at Bangalore...good drainage systems took care of the floods, and the roads were not affected much as well, barring a few potholes which were conveniently marked out by police barricades or something to make motorists' life easier...

Where else can you find a city flooded on one day by torrential rains and streaming down sunshine the next! Chennai rocks!

(Still have to say the same...mankind wont last for too long here...seriously doubt if the next generation will live even their youth on Earth)

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Anonymous karan says...

Chennai Rocks... Indeed.

Will be down in Chennai for the long weekend -- lemme know your plans.

3:25 PM  
Blogger eV says...

yoyo! Chennai rox!
'No comments' on all talk abt mankind becoming extinct in the next few decades and all.
And Karan, DD has esc to TVM.

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

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