Monday, October 10, 2005

I saw GOD

Oct 8 - Bangalore - Palace Grounds - Anyone with as little as 500 bucks to spare got a chance to see God, and watch him!

I was one among the 20k-odd very fortunate ones...we waited with anticipation when the rain gods decided to shower their blessings on us at tht very inappropriate moment...Since me and Other, who accompanied me for the show, got some nice seats thanks to having come early, dint want to lose our seats, we decided to bear the brunt of the rain and did not budge from our places, which more than half the ppl around us did! Some junta did take salvage under the sponsor stalls lined up on the sides...but we braved the rains which went on and on and one point making us almost decide to leave the venue bcoz we were so bloody sure the show would be rescheduled. But ARR had other plans...he made a brief appearance which was more than enough to send the audience into a frenzy and reassured us that the concert would happen.

The compere for the show, Riaz or someone, was pretty sad. From what I made out, his job was to pep up the spirits of the (literally) damp crowd, but he did not seem to be doing much about it. It would have been a better idea not to have had him in the first place because he was not really sure what to do.

Well...around 9 PM, ARR came back on a stage to a countdown by Riaz and thundering applause frm the audi, and he started off with Fanah to have the drenched and tired crowd on their feet!

Not going in much to the list of songs...they are there on a lot of blogs...just a few points frm my side:

- Sivamani rocks! Amazing energy, amazing talent...sadly i dont think too many people know abt such a person
- Blaaze might just be India's answer to the rap genre! This is another man to watch out for
- Shankar Mahadevan seemed to be the only one jovial enough to tease the crowd a bit - the Humma Humma beginning and other small small instances
- Heard one of the Water songs...keeps my mouth watering for the whole album to release! Simply awesome!
- Kailash Kher sounds awesome...whattarise frm the streets of Andheri!
- The beautiful English song by ARR was brilliant! His English pronunciation is just perfect! We definitely would like to see ARR do more international projects, but we are now just a bit too possessive about him to let him do too many non-Indian projects :D

The max crowd response came for Humma Humma, when all the 20k ppl were definitely on their feet! Seriously didnt know that this song was so popular! And the second best possible for Sa Re Ga Ma from Boys. Well, at least this was what I thought till around a few minutes before midnight.

ARR ended the show with a bit of Aazadi from Bose and mixed it with Vande Mataram. No sooner did he utter Maa tujhe Salaam when the gods poured down some more offerings...and the show came to a very wet close...

Where else in the world can you see thousands of people, at midnight, singing and swaying in chorus and harmony to a souped up version of a classic national integration song, in the pouring rain, age no bar-sex no bar-everything no bar? Only this man can do it! This was a very memorable show for every hardcore ARR fan who watched it live! He is THE best!

Chilli, who was a volunteer, added that there was a contingent of some 6-7 Japanese people too in the audience!!! And the lucky dog also managed to snap a pic of himself with God! Well, i guess u shud see it up on his blog pretty soon...he must be writing a very detailed description of the event...

Cribs -
No songs frm Ah Aah and Swades :( Again Chilli informed me that it was in the original list of 40 songs for the event which had to be cut down bcoz of the rains
The audience very badly wanted ARR to sing Dil Se, but that too didnt happen...wud have loved to see hear songs from ARR himself
Chitra didnt song too many songs. I thnk jus Kannalane

Anyways one of the most memorable 3 hrs of my life!

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Blogger Sridhar Raman says...

Yes, a detailed description would be coming up soon.
But until then, I would like to appreciate all the people who braved the rain and stuck around till the end. That was a great thing to do DD. :)

2:10 PM  
Blogger Nirav says...

Sivamani does rock... and I think he is quite famous now, and deservedly so... I remember him totally stealing the scene in one of the previous Rehman shows!

4:40 PM  

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