Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Goa trip

One fine day, four blokes decided to go on a (planned-for-long) Goa trip from Bangalore when it was nowhere near season time. They are yet to figure out why the trip happened in the first place, but the fact of the matter is they ultimately went.
Let us refer to them by the first alphabet of their first names - A, D, R and V (with P joining later). Together they call themselves the AK(BB). Let us call them BBs for this Goa escapade.

To talk about the kind of planning these guys did, there was nothing to talk about! All these buggers had was a ticket to Goa in some sleeper bus and that was it! NO clue where to go in Goa, NO return ticket, NO means/idea of transport within Goa, NO acco arrangements...Boy! This is gonna be one helluva trip!

So, the BBs asembled at R's house one Thursday evening to start off for this 3-day trip, after buying a Goa tourist map a couple of hours before departure...all excited about the trip...

The first trip for all 4 in a sleeper bus proved to be an exciting one...2 in a bed [;-)]! Though D had some problems in fitting into the space bcoz of height constraints...the night went peacefully without incident

Very contrary to the BBs plans, the bus went on and on and on and finally reached Panjim after noon, effectively wasting half a day of sightseeing in the short trip. The FIRST thing they did after getting down was to get a return trip, which interestingly was some 150 bucks costlier per ticket for going back to the same destination in the SAME bus! Tourism rocks!

A bit of walking got them to some car rental dude, who gave them a white Maruti Zen for 600 bucks a day. These two issues being settled, the 4 noble BBs set on the mission to Calangute beach, where a friend of D had recommended were some cheap hotels by the beach side.

So the BBs went to Calangute and parked the car near the beach to set out on a search for a hotel, when the driver D realised he had locked up the car with the key still on the ignition! D 'nobly' took up the mission of looking for a workshop and walked for around a km before fishing out a Maruti mechanic shop in some vague bylane (Maruti rocks!). D found some arbit guy standing in front of the garage who demanded 150 bucks for the simple job. The conversation went something like this...

Garage Dude: 150 bucks! no less
D: Sir! You just need a scale to unlock the front door and get the key out.
G (jeeringly): Go to a stationery shop, get a scale, and do it yourself!
D (sheepishly): But...then...ok ok...I will give you 100 bucks, come and do it please!
In the meantime, the remaining 3 BBs had returned from an unsuccessful search for a hotel and were waiting near the car when D arrived with the mechanic. The guy, as expected, finished the job in under a minute, and waited for his payment.

D: 100 is too much for this simple job, Sir. Less than a minute...
G: That will teach you not to do it again!
D: ...! (Watever)
Disillusioned after the key incident and the unsuccessful search, the BBs decided to try their luck at the next beach - Vagator. En route, they found some vague bylane with a board bearing a huge list of hotels and bars. And they successfully found a Hotel Germany which they checked out, approved, and checked in.

After a mini bath at the hotel, they set off for the Vagator beach for a sea-bath.

After a successful sea-bath, in which V did not participate because of health issues, they set off for the next beach - Anjuna, where they ended up just taking a few snaps.

After Anjuna, off they went to Baga to watch the sunset. Baga turned out to be the damn beautiful (and crowded) with an excellent view of the sunset.

It was now too dark to do any sight seeing, and they decided to get back to the hotel, after vowing to return to Baga the next day as well. The party had begun!

P was supposed to join them the next day, and they were supposed to pick him up from a pre-determined location - Calangute beach. The next day started with the fuel tank in the car, showing a very bad state of affairs and they decided to go to the nearest town to get some petrol (after getting two litres at an atrocious price in some vague outlet near the hotel). Enroute, there was a call from P informing them that he was already there at the spot. They raced back to find him waiting, and entered a veggie restaurant hotel to have some breakfast, taking a couple of snaps in the process.

Off the 5 BBs went to a fort they had spotted off Vagator beach (which turned out to be Chapora fort). On enquiry at the beach, they discovered there were two ways to the fort - walk up the whole mountain from the beach or take some roundabout road which would take them there easily. The 5, being brave young souls, decided to climb up this.

And well, they did successfully climb it without hassles, though at the top, all ran out of breath. Enroute, D and P who had gone ahead, encountered a foreigner standing to catch his breath...The following conversation ensued

D: Hows the view up there
Foreginer: Very good!
D: Is it climbable?
F: Yeah, pretty much
D: Great..thanks! Have a great time in Goa!
F: Thanks!

(D and P turned back to resume the climb, when there was a sudden sound of a few rocks dislodging. They turned back to see F on the floor)

D: What happened?
F: I slipped...
D: Are you ok?
F: Yeah
P: Dont ever wish a foreigner "Enjoy your stay in Goa" ever again!

The climb was worth it, as the view up there was priceless...vast stretches of green and awesome view...

Then they set off to Candolim beach, and by some vague bylanes, found part of the beach, did not find it too pleasing, and diteched it for Sinquerim beach. Sinquerm turned out to be a beautiful beach, yet pretty uncrowded, with a lot of upscale hotels (including the Taj) and facilities like paragliding, etc. There was also a mini-fort at the end of the beach offering a nice view of the beautiful beach.

After one more excellent sea-bath, in which all 5 were involved, they set off to Aguada fort, one of the more popular forts in the Goa. Dominating the fort was a huge white lighhouse - a beautiful fort.

After some acrobatics, exercise, and other stuff...

...they decided to satisfy the growling stomachs with some good food, and chanced upon an excellent Chinese hotel for food. Stomachs full, they decided to get back to Calangute - a beach so close, yet not visited by them! Calangute was damn crowded, and after a couple of token photos of the beach and their car, they left off for Baga again!

One more sea bath by A, D and P; and a beautiful sunset at the beach dominated the rest of the evening.

Inspired by pamphlets for a 'discotheque' named The Matrix had infused enthu into the BBs, and they decided to pay a visit, after getting suitably dressed for the 'ocassion'. So, all got back to the hotel. Some enquiry athe hotel revealed there was a famous place called Tito's cloe to our place, and they decided to make a visit there. This was when P declared he did not have any shorts for the night and went off to get some. After around half an hour, the remaining 4 BBs suddenly realised that P was missing, and of all things, had left his mobile phone in the room for charging and was not contactable. To top it, he was relatively new to the area and the rest were not even sure he knew the name of the hotel (It is another matter that P was widely regarded as a nut by his peers inspite of being very 'intelligent' know, like an eccentric genius or something). Scared of losing him, D and V set off in the car looking for him and thankfully found him (after some searching) in some vague shop near the hotel. Since they had already got the car out, D and V decided to check out Tito's before going there. Tito's was awesome! They had a hotel, restaurant, pub, disco, and what not. But there was a catch - no stag entry allowed into the discotheque. Disillusioned, they went back to the hotel to inform the others. 'A' was very vocal in disappointment, and it is best not to write here what he said [:-)]. A bit of phone enquiry at The Matrix by D revealed stag entry was ok and off they went in glee and anticipation to The Matrix! Now, this was an 'underground disco' and was supposed to unique, and interesting it was...a disco 'under the water'. To make sure they show the world they had come there, they took fotos right away :)

Waiting for the crowd to come and the action to begin, A and P engaged in a game of pool (or billiards or watever), and then the action began to start. All of them went down, and were ready to hit the dance floor, when A, who was dresses 'specially' for the occassion, suddenly declared that he had a back-ache and could not dance! (The rest of them are still tryin to figure out how a back-pain suddenly raised its head after two days of action and a game of pool 5 mins back!) Anyways, the remaining 4 danced away to glory for around an hour, when the DJ announced the special show for the night - some Russian babe was to perform. She came, she performed, everyone drooled, she left, whisked away by two huge bouncers. They decided to leave, the time being just past midnight, and got out for a parcel at a place where they had been the previous nite too - David's place

Tired, all swapped onto bed for a good night's sleep. The next morning, to make max utilisation of the hotel resources, all except V dived into the hotel swimming pool for some morning fun.

Then they packed and left for a day to be filled with drives and quick visits to some selected beaches. The first stop was Colva beach - a beautiful, and slightly crowded tourist beach.

And on special recommendation by a friend of D, there was also a visit to Majorda beach..Man! whattabeach! Vast stretches of untouched sand, clean water, and totally isolated..this was one beach everyone in Goa has to visit! They inscribed their group name into the sands, and took photos.

They trudged back into the car, when A wanted to drive the car, for whatever small distance. After some screwing up of the gears, and some teaching by R to A who suposedly had a license to drive a car, the BBs forced A to give up on driving and continued on the rest of the journey..the last leg of the Old Goa. The road to Old Goa was pathetic to say the least, even worse than Bangalore roads! They finally arrived at the first destination - the Basilica of Bom Jesus. A beautiful old structure, some more snaps followed.

After the visit, they were more or less ready to leave, and decided to make one last visit - the Viceroy's Arch - before getting back to Panaji to board the bus back home...

And there it ended...definitely among the best 3 days of their lives...


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A,V,R,P & D seemes to have had a great time! Cool...

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some DCH ways, huh? Lurv ur group's name.. :)

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