Thursday, September 01, 2005


Why is a Dosa round and not in any other shape? This is definitely something very inexplicable and I am pretty sure no amount of Googling will gimme the answer to this one.

This brings me to another question - if the Dosa were to be made in any other shape, with the same ingredients, would it still be called a dosa? (Same applies to a roti also)

Interestingly, a rava dosa is usually made in a rectangular shape, while the regular dosa remains round...

Just doing a bit or engineering, mebbe the earlier tawas were made round in shape, and so dosas were initially made in the shape of the tawas. But then why were the tawas round? Maybe it was easier for the blacksmiths, or whoever made the earlier tawas, to make it round in shape. But then why? Inexplicable...

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Anonymous The Ylder Me! says... makes sense to beat a molten metal to a flat shape, if one had to make dosa, however irregular it may be. It doesnt make much to figure out that a rounded edge is more easier to handle than a rough one if you need to keep your fingers intact!. So there you are..with a round tawa.

PS:Its been a long time that I had a masala dosa at Ganesh. Mebbe this saturday, if Baba gives company.. ;)

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