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My fav Tam 10

I love music, which makes it all the more difficult for me to choose favourite songs. But then, there has to be some kind of favourites...after some thinking, I came up with a list of 10 Tam songs I would take with me if I was marooned on an island for eternity and have only this luxury...
Here they are, in alphabetical order [ha! :-)]:

(1) Anbe Aaruyire (A R Rahman/Anbe Aaruyire/A R Rahman/S J Suryah)
One of the best ever frm the Isai Puyal. Difficult to say if such a song can ever be replicated..ever. Rahman does the job of singing this song as well. Awesome beats, and even awesome singing. Coupled with brilliant lyrics, this song was touted by fans that it made a statement that ARR was returning to Tam music after a long time, and in style...Hats off to ARR for making such an awesome comeback!
Neengal illamal naaningu illai illai

(2) Azhage Sugama (Sreenivas, Sadhna Sargam/Parthale Paravasam/A R Rahman/Madhavan, Simran)
One of ARRs most underrated songs, this is a brilliant melody (give it some 5-6 back to back memories) and a very soothing track. The movie bombed and the song went unnoticed. Present in two slightly varying versions (the other being Anbe Sugama), this song has arguably the best ever interludes in any rahman track. The violin and piano interludes mesmerize u and transport you to an altogether new world. The ending is also damn brilliant.
Vaazhkai oru vattam pol mudintha idathil thudangatha

(3) Chudithar Aninthu (Hariharan, Sadhna Sargam/Poovelam Kettupaar/Yuvan Shankar Raja/Surya, Jyotika)
Bet not too many of you have heard this song. I still have not figured out why I love this song, but this is one of the very few songs which I loved on "first-hear". Sadhna sargam screams a bit, but it seems ok when you hear it. Listen to it sometime and temme if you too love this song! This is one of Yuvan's earliest gems, and this was his debut album, if I remember right.
Iruvar oruvarai inainthu vittom, irandu peyar aenadi

(4) Etho Ondru (Harish Raghavendra, Srilekha Parthasarathy, Franko/Laysa Laysa/Harris Jayaraj/Shaam, Trisha)
A very beautiful duet. Harish Raghavendra seems to be the perfect choice for the song, though I am not too sure about the same for Srilekha. Anyways a very romantic song, listen to it with ur soulmate...
Vennilava poovai veippene, vaanavila udayayai theypene

(5) Fanah/Yakkai Thiri (A R Rahman, Sunitha Sarathy, Shalini/Aaytha Ezhuthu/A R Rahman/Siddharth, Trisha)
Possibly the only genuine discotheque track in Tamil, you will subconsciously tap your foot when you hear this one. Rahman sings this one amazingly well. Watch out for the mesmerizing last minute, just before the song ends...when Rahman goes absolutely berserk...undoubtedly the best part of the song.

(6) Kaathalin Deepam (SPB/Thambikku Entha Ooru/Illaiyaraja/Rajnikanth, Madhavi)
One of Illaiyaraja's classics. And what Tamil movie-related list can be complete without Thalaivers presence! One of the best romantic songs of the 80's, this is as romantic as a song can get! Simple lyrics, SPB at his best, and of course Thalaiver doing the honours in the song make this a true classic.
Ennai naan thedi thedi unnidam kandukonden

(7) Naan Paadum Sandham (SPB, Kadri Gopalnath/Duet/A R Rahman/Prabhu, Ramesh Arvind, Meenakshi Seshadri)
This song can be summed up in one word - Saxophone! India's very own Kenny G - Kadri Gopalnath - weaves absolute magic in this song. SPB disapperas frm the song around 90 seconds after it beings, and then it is some 150 secs of awesome saxophone music leaving you gasping for more. Hear it if you adore instrumental moosik, Kadri's sax will haunt you for a long time.
Ellame nam vaazhvil irandaaka ullathu

(8) Pachai Nirame (Hariharan, Clinton/Alai Payuthey/A R Rahman/Madhavan, Shalini)
My all time fav Tam song for plenty of reasons - the music, Hariharan, the lyrics, the video - damn, this could well be the perfect ever song video shot on earth! The beautiful locales of Kashmir (and the Taj Mahal) make you wonder if there were such beautiful places in our very own Incredible India!
Vellai nirame..unathu manassin nirame

(9) Snehidhane (Sadhna Sargam, Sreenivas/Alai Payuthey/A R Rahman/Madhavan, Shalini)
Sadhna Sargam's best ever song. Nothing to say about this song, listen to it, u will understand y it is so damn sexy.
Unnai allai eduthu, ullankaiyil madithu, kaikuttayil olithu veypen

(10) Vaseegara (Bombay Jayasree/Minnale/Harris Jayaraj/Madhavan, Reema Sen)
Probably holds the unofficial record for most requested song in Tamil Nadu all over TV and radio. This song from the debut album of Harris Jayaraj took Tamilians all over the world by storm and still remains the ulimate tamil love song for most tams. This is a song for all seasons!
Dinamum nee kulithathum ennai thedi, en selai nuniyal undhan thalai thudappaye

The ones that nearly made my list:
Kannathil Muthamittal (Jayachandran/Kannathil Muthamittal/A R Rahman/Madhavan)
A beautiful chorus, and a very convincing Jayachandran make up most of this song. The video is also damn good with the cinematography by Ravi K Chandran being truly 'world class'.

Bombay Theme (A R Rahman/Bombay/A R Rahman/Mani Ratnam)
ARR fans call this the most copied music piece in the world just behind a Mozart symphony! This is one which will really touch your heart.

Ondra Renda (Bombay Jayasree/Kaakha Kaakha/Harris Jayaraj/Surya, Jyotika)
Another HJ-BJ gem, this was touted to be the next Vaseegara. It did succeed to some extent, but then it is not easy to create a song as good as Vaseegara. Nevertheless, a soothing song.

Suttum Vizhi (Sriram Parthasarathy, Bombay Jayasree/Ghajini/Harris Jayaraj/Surya, Asin)
Still growing on me, but always on my playlist nowadays. A very soothing romantic duet, need to see if the video can make this song sound even better than in currently is, after the movie releases tomorrow. The HJ-BJ combi does it yet again!

Kannukku Maiyyazhaku (Unni Menon/Puthiya Mugham/A R Rahman/Revathy, Suresh Menon)
The old ARR in full form in this brilliant melody. The song talks about beauty and the song is also damn beautiful! Unni Menon sounds awesome though it is sad that he did not get too many good songs in tam even after this. An ARR classic!

Guess this list reflects my taste for music pretty well...6(+3) ARR songs and 2(+2) HJ songs
Guess I shud start workin on a Hindi list as well...more ARR yet to come!

I had to mention these too!
Aasai Aasai (Dhool)
Rayile (Five Star)
Mazhai Mazhai (Ullam Ketkume)
Sonnalum (Kadhal Virus)
Kalaiyil Dinamum (New)
Vellai Pookkal (Kannathil Muthamittal)
Thendralae (Kadhal Desam)
Moongil Kaadukale (Samurai)

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Blogger Krishna says...

Nice list! Items 3,6,9,10 are my favs too!

10:28 PM  
Blogger Ram says...

In my list vellai pookal wud be definitely in the top 3 especially for its beautiful lyrics and the genius's voice.......

11:37 PM  
Blogger banished soul says...

ilenkattu veesuthein... Ilayaraja - pitamaghan... u dont like it ? :(

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anoop says...

yeah.. that pithamahan song is just awesome. Good list anyway.. when are you posting your mallu list? or have did i miss it.

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anumodh C says...

Hi Deepak,

Its very interesting playlist. i liked it. bcoz close to my fav.

Nice to meet u.

Anumodh C

1:15 PM  

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