Monday, September 19, 2005

James - a no show

Ram Gopal Verma really thought hype works? Well, maybe it does, but James is all hype, very little substance.

Mohit Alawat (James) has been much touted as the "next big guy in Bollywood", but all this movie does is to (try to) show him as an ultimate action hero. There is not much of a story here - Hero (who is not afraid of anything or anyone) comes to Mumbai, meets girl who falls for him, he bruises egos of the 'city's most dreaded criminal', some political angle also thrown in for good measure, hero forced to run from criminals to save girl, finally girl commits suicide and hero takes revenge, end of story.

There is no background on James except that he comes from Goa. The heroine, a supermodel in the movie, seems to fall totally for his looks, body and maybe tht li'l ring on his right eyebrow. Mohit Alawat does not get any scope to act in the movie and wears the same expression (below) in 95% of his scenes. I dont recollect a single scene in which he decently smiles, though there is a 5-sec scene in which he cries.

Nisha Kothari shows whatever she can, and is sure to be one of the reasons the movie runs, if it actually does. A couple of songs are nice, and just listening to the soundtrack makes it obvious this is an RGV movie :-)

Mohit has an awesome bod, definitely one of the best in the biz, though it remains to be seen if he can actually act. Some of the action scenes are good, but the storyline leaves much to be desired. The director seems to have a lot of nice situations on hand, but does not know how to fit them into a logical flow of events and ultimately does a pretty bad job not befitting his illustrious guruji.

Verdict: Even if you are a die-hard RGV fan, this movie is not recommended. This ends up as a wannabe action movie bcoz the need for a heroine to be present in an Indian film screws up things. James might have succeeded if there was lesser emphasis on the heroine and more focus on projecting James as a one-man fighting machine a-la Rambo/Schwarzenegger. Better luck next time Mohit...I will still watch your next movie :-)

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Anonymous Karan says...

Apparently the villain (Shereveer Vakil) is one of IBM's VH's (Burzeen Vakil) brother...

Chat Transript:
Burzeen S Vakil (13:38) - do watch the film james .. my bro acting in it
Karan R Shah (13:38) - really (!)... wow
Burzeen S Vakil (13:38) - ya he in the negative role shereveer vakil
Karan R Shah (13:39) - heheh... so what the hell are you doing HERE? shouldnt you be acting too?
Burzeen S Vakil (13:39) - on my way buddy....

(This guy's quit, since.)

8:52 AM  
Blogger Aravind says...

Hey.. read this news that the heroine of this movie, Nish Kothari, is none other than Amoga (maddy's pair in Jay Jay)... Hardly able to recognise as that homely gal!

12:53 PM  
Blogger DD says...

Yep..this is the same 'homely girl' :-)

9:36 AM  

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