Friday, September 30, 2005


College management pulls up an NRI dude for not conforming to the 'dress code' of the insti...and the dress code prescribed by Anna University is truly hilarious!

Read the dress code here...they have taken the recent MMS scandals as an excuse, banned mobile phones altogether and also prescribed a dress code as an afterthought.

"The dress code states that students should not wear jeans, t-shirts, skirts or sleeveless and tight-fitting outfits and enjoins them to dress conservatively"
With all due respect to the University, do they really think such a 'rule' can force something like this on students in times as these? A cell phone ban seems to make sense to some extent, but a dress code is just a bit too much. Does the university think that women who were burqas (no offence to muslims) are not raped/indulge in the activities the university seems to be afraid of?
What was the University thinking? That T-shirts and jeans provocate junta to do all the stuff that is captured by some on camera phones? Well, to some extent they are right, but implementing a dress code is not gonna help.
The dress code seems to be aimed squarely at women, and to make sure they are not called sexist in their intentions, they have extended it to call it a dress code! Ha! Just one read of the "code" is enough for any dumbass to understand the very obvious fact that this is targeted at women and women only...
What difference does it make if a male student wears a t-shirt and jeans? Why is the University forcing what they think is "Indian culture" on these hapless students?
And even more baffling is the fact that this is applicable only to Engineering colleges! Do they convey that non-Engg junta are very conservative and very disciplined? Crap!
And the mobiles...ban the usage of mobiles in the classrom, not on the whole bloody campus...

Dont infringe on the rights of the youth like this I say...if Anna University really wants to implement some shit like this, then it is better that they come up with a common uniform which students can wear everyday like we wear in school, and to make sure they are conservative (rotfl!), they can also stich the same for the students. Makes life for students and management all the more simpler, and no harassment like what happened in some cases.

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