Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The art of marriage I

Interestingly, two major discusisons I had with a few friends rounded on the topic marriage. One started off as an offshoot of the fact that Life sux in general and all the things that makes us live contributes to it. Of course doing any kind of work seems to suck. And if u marry, u will be robbed of the small pleasures that seem to make ur life atleast liveable right now. The other discussion was based on the costs involved in a few recent marriages, and how much is lavished on tht 1-2 days of marriage and the honeymoon which we concluded would be paid for frm the pocket of the bridegroom.

There is an interesting parallel between work life and married life. Marriage is like getting a job and vice versa. When u get a job, u r married into the organisation. The interview is the "bride/bridegroom seeing" ceremony (aka pennu/paiyyan kaanal or ponnu/payyan pakkarthu). Once the 2 sides agree, the offer for marriage takes place (job offer). The engagement ceremonies are initiated (in the form of a formal offer letter) and completed (acceptance of offer). Now if someone has more than one "offer", he/she has the option of choosing what he/she thinks is best for him/her and make an informed decision. Background information is gathered (in case of marriage, info frm ppl who know the family/person in qn are questioned while in the case of the job, ppl who are working/earlier worked in the company are questioned and a general market perception of the company is also sought for).
Now comes the interesting part - the honeymoon. In the job scenario, it is often referred to as training or induction. (From here on, to make things simpler, i will refer to the central character as a he). This is when the truth hits the newly married dude. After all, no amount of market research and feedback can prepare you for the real thing! You come to terms with reality when you realise that this is not what you expected! (Plz note that this is especially aplicable with ur first job when you find out that you wanted to do something, the company tells u tht u will be doing something in ur job, and u find out that u do something entirely different in ur job! Similarly, you expect something frm ur future wife, the female u marry seems to be something else, and u discover after marriage that she is neither what she seemed to be nor what u expected from her!

Now comes the interesting part, which is applicable especially in the case of India and other conservative countries. If u think ur job really sucks, then ditch it and go in search of another better one. Try doing that in the case of ur wife too...stumped! Indian society does not allow you to...

So what can we conlcude? Just the learnings from some arbit article I read somewhere. Try to love ur job and u will realise it totally rocks. If u dont, any job u do will seem to suck. Same in case of wife - try to love what you have, otherwise u will not be satisfied with any female u marry/live with.

Reminds me of a small joke...a but vulgar though :-)
Dude 1: really suxx
Dude 2: Y da?
Dude 1: Job sux, wife doesnt...

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Blogger Nirav says...

There is another difference da... In case of job, you can try to get the 'real' picture by trying to interact with people who had the job, or still have it... but you can't do that in case of wife, by asking present or ex-boyfriends!
Btw, the joke takes the cake :D

2:27 PM  
Blogger kickassso says...

whoa nice joke=))

12:35 AM  
Blogger Vinod Sankar says...

hey DD,
the analogy reminds me of the project that kiran 'superman' mani forced us to do during induction!! one of the groups did something similar remember?? (i know moid was in that group.)

9:04 PM  

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