Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ye haath mujhe lock karne de Laletta!

Indiafm says mallu superstar Mohanlal (known affectionately as Lalettan in malluland) will be playing the immortal role of Thakur in Ram Gopal Verma's remake of the epic Sholay, which is up there in almost everybody's list of all-time greatest Indian movies. As was already known, Amitabh Bachchan is to play Gabbar Singh.

RGV is definitely one of India's finest directors, but I am not sure if he is taking the right step in remaking Sholay himself. One just hopes that he modifies the movie considerably to suit his usual style of filmmaking rather than make a regular remake of a movie like Sholay. He would be better off making movies like Satya, Sarkar and Company.

Amitabh Bachchan as Gabbar is something difficult to digest, esp considering Amitabh's age. But it would be awesome if he can actually pull it off. I am not too sure about Mohanlal either. With his very obvious accent when he speaks Hindi, I am not sure how he will pass as a pucca Northie village Thakur!

Anyways keeping fingers crossed right now...this is one movie I will definitely see...just curious to know who will play Basanti...going by RGV's regular choices, it would be Urmila or Antara Mali :-)

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Blogger Aura says...

Why RGV is remaking Sholay ?
Its money noting else. New generation would have just heard about it. And if they have seen it, they couldn't relate it with the world he/she has seen. So every one old and young would like to see Sholay2 in action.
So question is "How much original the Sholay2 is going to be ?"
Is it going to copy everything, from diaglogues, clothes, locations ?
Infact Sholay could just be a theme, and RGV may pour his style and creativity into it.

2:47 PM  
Blogger DD says...

Yeah...And Abhishek Bachchan is playin Dharmendra's Veeru...hoping for something new and different from RGV...maybe this will have the Mumbai underworld as a backdrop or something :-)

3:17 PM  

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