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The story of Bangalore and the IT tragedy

Got this forward abt Bangalore and its seemingly never-ending cup of woes on its infrastructure... 2005: It is the Infrastructure Tragedy!

- K. R. Mahesh & S. Fernando

The three men at helm of affairs in Karnataka, Ex-PM Deve "Son of Soil" Gowda, Deputy CM Siddaramaiah, and CM Dharam Singh are ignoring the public of Karnataka.

( Since the politicians believe they are hard core Gandhians they have been doing a good job in not hearing, seeing or speaking of any evil. In their eyes complaining about infrastructure is "evil".)

The Kannada song that comes to our mind is "Oh Krishna nee begane baro" [Oh Krishna, please come soon]. Everyone is talking about how Bangalore was during SM Krishna's tenure as CM. The situation in Karnataka is so bad today that even astrologers have stopped predicting its future. In fact one minister said that the roads have deteriorated after the BPO Qualis-Sumo army have been parading on Bangalore's roads 24x7 to spoil the roads further. It is time that Bangaloreans come to terms - their roads have valleys all over Bangalore.

What do the Big Bosses say ?

""We believe the problems are serious, Wipro will move work outside the city because of "quality of life issues". I can't have my employees sitting in traffic when they should be in the office. Employees pay heavy amount for lousy lifestyle. This city has nothing to offer. We will grow at a much faster rate outside Bangalore, we had enough" - Wipro Chairman, Azim H. Premji

( Premji decided not to expand operations in Bangalore and is looking at Kolkata in a big way and also intends to shift some operations to this new centre which has already started operations .)

"The City has collapsed ! It sucks !" Bob Hoekstra, chief executive of the Philips Software Center.

" Bangalore's IT sops are common knowledge now - one has to be dumb enough to invest here. The city is not dying, it's dead. We don't recruit slaves, we recruit employees who want to live in a better surrounding with a decent lifestyle. We care for our employees. We are moving." - G. S. Wilson, DS Computer Systems.

" There is zero focus, no hand at the wheel," - Infosys Chief Executive Nandan M. Nilekani.

" Bangalore's infrastructure is "deteriorating" with potentially disastrous results." Mike Weston, managing director of Logica, British software Company.

" Yes ! We will be out of this city soon. It will not be a bad idea to send couple of Corporators, MLA`s, MP`s to Gurgaon, Mumbai or Hyderabad to understand what infrastructure means? One has to destroy this place and build it again. This is not a city. "

-Jack Anderson, Nova-Soft

" Bangalore's roads as simply "miserable" and bad roads are now the bane." - Infenion Technologies India

" Bangalore is headed backwards. The growth in this city is a distant dream. It was just business money that kept the city going, and now that will stop. Politicians do not bother about IT because IT companies do not contribute to party funds. There is no life left in this city." -Aditya Krishna, Synergy Solutions, Birmingham

" Bangalore's weaknesses are poor infrastructure, booming traffic and potholed roads. This place is ridiculous. While our biggest partner is Shanghai, Bangalore is still far far behind. We have received only three papers by the government in the last five years. Do these people know anything about road maintenance, traffic management solutions and uninterrupted power supply ? Collaboration on IT-related fields with Bangalore is out of question. Australia might consider New-Bombay or Gurgaon " - Andrew MacIntyre, Director of APSE, LAFIA-Delegate.

" This city is out. Bangalore's chaotic traffic, bad roads, sad lifestyle and the lack of well-connected mass transport facility is bound to have a direct impact on the IT companies that operate in the city: factors like road-rage, fatigue, and longer commuting time affect an employee's productivity.
- Sumankumar .R, Economy-Analyst

India 's infrastructure problems - a possible way out

India 's infrastructure in a way has paved for China's success - as few would characterize China's growth in the manufacturing industry. Numerous articles have been written regarding this, talking about what can be done to improve the situation in India, which 'suddenly' has become the world's service center (not necessarily software services, but in general all kinds of services). This, according to some economists is not a healthy trend, as the long term implications of over-reliance on a steady supply of outsourced (or otherwise) services are not optimistic. To be able to sustain and prosper, India as a nation needs to concentrate on its infrastructure and let the burgeoning services sector take care of itself.
Far too many sops are being given for FDI in the services sectors these days. Giants like Wipro and Infosys plan to quit Bangalore in the near future.

The multinational, Philips, said there was a dire need for an international airport and a new railway. "[Instead] we have no projects and no results here, it sucks" said the head of the company's Bangalore operations, Bob Hoekstra.

What rubbish ! Are they insane ?

"You people must be proud to be the IT capital of India and I know you will soon become a part of the IT capital of the world. Bangalore -this city has helped India look smart and good in the world and no one other city can ever replace Bangalore, it has undoubtedly the best infrastructure in the world. This is indeed a modern city. Everywhere I go, I get to know from the CEOs there that they have set up a huge plant in Bangalore." - Dayanidhi Maran, Union Minister for communications & IT

" We have planned a hardware park near Devanahalli and I urge the Union Government to extend financial support for this facility. Soon we will be bigger than Shanghai in terms of infrastructure. " - Dharam Singh, Chief Minister, Karnataka state

The Chief Minister, N. Dharam Singh, greeting the Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Dayanidhi Maran, at the launch of Bangalore 2005 in Bangalore on Friday.

The Political Fools

Instead of improving the sad infrastructure local politicians and the Kannada movie actors and producers are insisting on stopping Hindi movies and English Movies being released in Bangalore for 7 weeks. Most of them don't understand the logic - this move will not help the Kannada movie business. On the other hand it will hurt the people who work in theaters [security guards, cleaners, admin staff] who depend on this income for their daily bread, uh..sorry let me stick to being a Bangalorean "for their daily idlis and dosas". Just one or two actors and their families are behind this move. Even the PM had to call the CM to fix this problem .

The state government is losing a lot of money [sales tax] because of this movie embargo. Let the Kannada movie producers produce good movies and then people will at least make an attempt to go to see their movies. As a compromise it may be useful to reserve a minimum of one theater in multiplexes for Kannada movies. Experiment this for one year, show to the producers if the theater made profits or losses.

It is a pity that instead of nurturing Bangalore so that it fulfills its promise of being counted as the world's best tech cluster, which looks certainly impossible in the next 30 years at least, politicians like Deve Gowda and Dharam Singh are indulging in shameful political histrionics, all with an objective of protecting their vote banks rather than sincere intention to serve the rural masses.



Work Started


Revised deadline

Cost (in Rs)

Airport Road

February 2003

April 2004

December 2006

26.69 cr

Dairy Circle

February 2003

April 2004

October 2005

17.43 cr

Bannerghatta Road

February 2003

April 2004

February 2005

17.69 cr

National College



July 2005

17 cr

Some more insights here...

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On the other hand, Chennai makes some more strides in IT...the Chennai airport goes Wireless with the help of BSNL...and as i posted earlier, Mysore has also gone wireless...someone save Bangalore!

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Blogger Sridhar Raman says...

To comment on the things in this post objectively would take a lot of time, but as a pure-bred Bangalorean this is what I have to say:
"I wouldnt mind seeing IT companies going to other cities. Anything that would help in clearing the mess in here would be appreciated. I dont see flyovers, better roads, etc helping the situation NOW. The trouble is way past all that. Since Bangalore seems to be so hated by the employees, I suggest that all the out of town employees move out to their "dream destinations". Once the population is brought back to what it was 5 years ago, massive reconstruction needs to begin to plan for 10 years down the line. And then interested people can move in. That is the only hope that I, as a Bangalorean, can cling to. Too many people in a small city right now to have unhindered reconstruction work."


2:44 PM  
Anonymous silverine says...

I second what the commentor before me has so aptly put. As a born and bred Bangalorean, I too would like my old city back. Like all old Bangaloreans i would like to see this city decongest. What we need is the even distribution of IT growth in India. This would take the pressure off Bangalore and would aslo motivate the present state government to take the IT industry seriously.After all which govt would like to see the goose that lays the golden eggs flying off to more favorable climes???

11:29 AM  
Blogger Nikhil says...

couldn't have gone more at 'length'... could you?

11:58 PM  
Anonymous Mahesh Shantaram says...

Exactly who are these authors and where did you get this article from? I have reason to believe that every one of these quotes is fabricated with a malicious intent. These people could easily go to court for libel, and I'm going to try to expedited that.

6:38 PM  
Blogger DD says...

If you think these quotes are fabricated, then chk out these links which have the same quotes...I did not get links for all, just some of can Google for the remaining ones

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

And I personally feel they are true. Bangalore's infra cant take the sudden overpopulation the city is now facing...have personally seen the troubles the city has been struggling with for the past 2 years...and I personally DONT want to settle down in Bangalore. As Sridhar Raman said I have done my bit by moving out of Bangalore to Chennai...if the IT companies planning to expand also get the point and stop expanding at this rate in Bangalore, u mite be able to save the (former) "Garden City"...

If you still think these quotes are with other intents, then plz go ahead with what you think needs to be done about this...

9:46 AM  
Blogger prabhu says...

I have been in Bangalore for the last 3 and half years and I can say that the quality of life in the city has gone down drastically. The worst part is the standard of living during this time has shot up too (you just have to look at the land prices and the rental rates all over the city!!). There is this huge imbalance building up and we are close to a tipping point. Pretty soon (if not already), people are going to wonder if it is worth the pain to live here. Fortunately I stay within 15 min walking distance from my office and am pretty close to the airport, railway station etc. I pity the folks who travel a couple of hours up and down everyday. Initiated by the Infosys and wipros, there is soon going to be an outflux of people to other cities. If the government and people in the city do not even want to accept that there is a problem, then god save the city!

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Gopal Rao says...

I agree to what prabhu says - the quality of life has become miserable indeed. The cost of living is high. For the amount what one pays one gets a ridiculous place. The public transport is sick.

Being a true bangalorean I would say - The IT Companies should get the hell out of this city. Our city is already screwed, please dont screw it anymore.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Surjeet Singh says...

Let me say something as I stay here since the past 11 years. I come from Chandigarh.

This city was heaven when I came here. It has turned out to be real hell now. Life does not exist. Its full of pollution and dust. Theres no nighlife left.

I think IT firms should look at other locations. Enough is enough.Bangalore cannot take it anymore.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Subramanian G says...

I understand the seriousness of this problem. But what are the IT companies doing for their employees?
Why dont they move to other cities and give their employees a better quality of life?
Why are the IT companies determined to ruin this garden city?

Life has become terrible. Look at the thusands of pot holes all around. I can't imagine to have a family here.

How do they live ?
May god kick the IT companies out.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Ram Singh Mewara says...

Simply terrible the city has gone to the dogs.
I have to spend so much on car maintainence. New shoes every 5 months and new clothes due to shabby conditions.
Its become devils paradise.

10:37 PM  

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