Thursday, August 18, 2005

Independence Day 2005

How did I spend my Independence Day?
No, I did not watch TV and the usual India tholaikatchikalil muthal muraiyaka...thiraikku vanthu sila maathangale aana...putham puthiya thiraippadam stuff...spent the first half for an Alumni meet at my alma mater in TVM and the second half on a train journey on an overcrowded Madras mail. I did manage to catch up on a bit of reading, and went through a couple of magazines. And it was interesting to see a sharp shift in the crux of these Independence day special issues.

Most of the topics which made up the cover stories falls under the below two categories:
(1) Jinnah and partition
(2) India signing Nuclear pact

The first one, without doubt, had been trigerred by Advani's statements on Jinnah a couple of months back in Pakistan. But since the topic had already been thrashed out enough before in different magazines and books, so not all of them were worth a read.

And there is, as expected, a lot of criticism of the nuclear pact (India USA something something), which is fine. You buggers can say that it is too high a cost, not justified, against humanity or human rights or whatever. But a lot of ppl also said tht "the XXX$ spent for the nuclear pact would have been better used to eradicate poverty in India, x% of whose populn r BPL". Ok, so can someone plz enlighten the govt on how to go abt doing this? as in using this money to eradicate poverty...

Dont just talk global and suggest strategies....tell sthg abt the execution part as well, if u really wish to be heard and make a difference...otherwise Indian journalism will soon rot...

On a different note, i read recently that lassi vending machines have been opened in the UK, in 3 different flavours! Was just wondering why it has not been in India for so long, but is now in the it bcoz thr is a bigger mkt for lassi in the UK than in India? Is it bcoz ppl here dont have the technolgy to develop one or money to pay for one? Or maybe vending machines wont be safe for use in a country like India? Beats me...

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wow! u were here?

i was at home studying for tuesday's exam.

if i'd known earlier, i would have come to college to talk to u!

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