Thursday, August 11, 2005


A Surya movie after a long time...and Harris Jayaraj basking in the mega success of Anniyan...this movie is touted as Surya's biggest ever...and is set to release soon. Surya plays the role of a very rich businessman...and the heroines are Asin and Nayantara. The music released yeasterday (Aug 10)...

(1) Oru Maalai (Karthik)
A very beautiful love song, perfect beginning to the album. Karthik does full justice to the song. It talks about how the hero falls in love at first sight with the heroine - a bit on the lines of Azhagiya Theeye in Minnale. This is a melody you will instantly fall in love with.
Satru tholaivile aval mugham parthen...ange tholainthavan naane...

(2) X-Machi (Nakul, Mathangi)
This is a tanglish song which seems to be there in almost every big movie nowadays, sung with a lot of english lyrics and by singers who spit out tam in a horrible accent! The first line goes
X-Machi, Y-machi, FM mirchi...Tune pannu pesum paaru vanna patchi...
Finally not a bad song, but this is not the song u whould be hearing after Oru maalai :-) But who knows..this might end up as big a hit as Kannum Kannum Nokia.
Sounds like an item song..Nayantara doing the item number?

(3) Suttum Vizhi (Sriram Parthasarathy, Bombay Jayashree)
Another very beautiful song. HJ and Bombay Jayasree always get together and work magic. You have heard Vaseegara, Ondra Renda, Uyire en Uyire. Now add this also to this list...

(4) Rahatulla (Anupama)
Dunno wht Rahatulla means, but the song sounds like an intro song for the heroine or sthg. This song sounds good because HJ has experimented with a lot of sounds in this track (listen with headphones!)

(5) Rangola (Shankar Mahadevan, Sujatha)
First Rahatulla, now Rangola! This is a general duet song. One more male voice comes in just before the 'repeat' at the end of the song, who has not been credited. Need to listen a few more times to figure out who it is. Reminds you of a lot of songs, but the end result is pretty nice. Nothing very remarkable, a timepass song...

Cant really reach a conclusion considering the fact that Anniyan sounded average on the first few hearings and truly awesome after junta saw them on the big screen. Going by the looks of the stills of this movie, there is a lot of promise, and HJ seems to have yet another winner on his hands!

My favs, in order - Oru Maalai, Suttum Vizhi, Rahatulla, Rangola and X-Machi.

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Blogger Sridhar Raman says...

Oru Maalai is really very nice. Karthik once again proves his class. Apart from this song, I liked only Suttum Vizhi a lot.

The rest seemed slightly mediocre or repetitive. Let's see...

Btw, don't you feel that Bombay Jayashree is getting a bit monotonous?

10:00 AM  
Blogger DD says...

More than monotonous, she is getting slightly repetitive. Hope she does not meet the same fate as Nithyasree who has near disappeared from the playback singing scene. I dont think Bombay Jayashree, or any music director, would be too comfortable with making her sing a fast paced number. Her voice, till now, seems suited only for melodious slow love songs. Maybe she should diversify first into some senti songs, and then into fast numbers :)

10:06 AM  

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