Friday, August 19, 2005

Ghajini = Memento?

Surya seems to be trying to do in Ghajini what Guy Pearce did in the 2000 movie Memento.
The picture below is a strong first indication...esp if u have seen Memento. The look of the hero, and the tatoo is a dead giveaway... (and am pretty sure this pic is actually a mirror reflection :) if u hv seen Memento, u will get the funda..)

And the Hindu today reported that the hero (Surya) in ghajini has 15-minute gez tht makes things clearer! Ghajini is indeed gonna be a tam version of Memento.

Talking abt Memento, it could end up as a confusing movie if u dont think along with the movie...and if Ghajini is gonna be made in the same style, the movie is almost sure to be a flop. Remember Jeeva trying a radically different style of narration in 12B? The movie bombed bcoz makkal could not make out who was who and ended up getting confused. But then the narration was what made Memento the movie it was...

Anyways director Murugadoss seems to have done some homework in Indianising the movie and incorporating 5 songs and 2 heroines into the movie! This only heightens the expectations from the movie...lets hope it delivers when it releases on Sep 2...

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Blogger Kaps says...

I just hope this movie succeeds. looks like u r right. i read about it in Hawkeyeview as well.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous renjith says...

This one is different.Its just an idea is taken and One of the Top 10 Tamil romantic

2:13 PM  

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