Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Read reviews that hailed this as the worst English movie ever made. In fact, the IMDB rating of the movie is 3.5 on 10! Never seen any movie rated so abysmally low on IMDB before. So I decided to check it out for myself.

Anyways, the movie is funny for most of the part, The first half is really funny, then gets a bit boring and then picks up speed towards the 'climax'. Anyways, this was a bad movie but not at all boring!!! Here are some gems from the movie, mostly from the first half.

- Intro

We are all interested in the future for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives (That’s news)

Future events such as these will affect you in the future (More news!)

Can your heart stand the shocking fact of "grave-robbers" from outer space? (Sounds interesting)

- Man after wife's death

The home they had so long shared together became a tomb - a sweet memory of joyous living

The sky to which he had once looked was only a covering for her dead body

The ever beautiful flowers she had planted, with her own hands, became nothing more than the lost roses of her cheeks

(A bit too romantic i say)

- Police inspector talking with a constable at the scene of a death, pointing to two people who look as if they are peacefully taking a nap (supposedly they were murdered horrendously): Finding a mess like this would make anyone frightened

(You need to really see this!!!)

- The airplane cockpits look really awesome! How in the world could they even DREAM people would think that was a cockpit!

- Guy speaking as the Inspector is buried

The bell has rung upon his great career.

(Heard of curtains coming down on careers, first time i m hearing a bell!)

- A drunk man watching the flying saucers fly by

There comes a time in every mans life when he cant believe even his own eyes

(I am waiting for this moment to come in my life too...)

- Colonel Tom Edwards, in charge of saucer field activities, was to make the greatest decision of his career. He made that decision. Colonel Edwards gave the signal to fire! (As we see this, we see some soldiers busy setting up rockets in some dusty open area, and the colonel alone against a plain background generally looking up with a pair of binoculars!)

The 3 flying saucers stand together as if they are missile proof, and wonder of wonders, none of the missiles hit them inspite of a barrage of missiles being fired from the ground! They stand motionless for a minute or so as missile after missile is fired, and then slowly fly away, and Colonel gives the signal to stop firing.

Then as swiftly as they had come, they were gone. Even to the piercing eye of radar and the speeding jet fighters…(then what?!)

Of course, as the 'aliens' later vouch for, there is some kind of damage to the saucers which supposedly 'regenerate' to their old condition!

(Pentagon has a post called "Saucer field activities officer'...Ingenious and brilliant!)

- The saucers are up there, the cemetery is out there, but i will be locked up in there (supposedly pointing to the house)

(Too many things “there”)

- Some General at the Pentagon

We have developed a language computer - a machine that breaks down any language to our own

(How come I saw the 'aliens' converse in English somewhere at the beginning of the movie?!)

Ever thought that humans could "explode" the sun, and thus the universe (which is defined as wherever the sun's rays fall)? Well, the aliens obviously thought so!

All said and done, the movie tries to send a message about the tragedies of war, but does not emphasize much on it. The special effects look like some kid designed the sets and the saucers, even after considering the fact that the movie came pretty early. Anyways, this movie is a cult classic!

You can download it for free (legally) at Creative Commons...Njoi!

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