Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Chandramukhi and Superstar

This is a forward of stats on Chandramukhi...

1. First movie to complete 100 days in Mayajaal.
2. Doing a business of more than100 crores.
3. First movie to be dubbed in Zulu (Lance Klusener's mother tongue) and Afrikaans (South Africa's main language)
4. Doing very well in Kerala, a place from where Chandrmukhi's knot is taken from the movie Manichitrathazhu, and dislodged Mohanlal's latest movie.
5. Doing very well in Andra and going to complete 100 days in 10 theaters. Many big Telugu movies including Chiru's movie was released along with Chandramukhi. But all failed except Chandramukhi.
6. Generally in US, Indian movies will be screened for 2 weeks that too only one show during weekdays and 4 shows during weekends. But CM was screened for 5 weeks with 5 shows a day.
7. Rajni's salary for this movie is 60% of the profit share and thus making him as the highest paid actor in India again.
8. Abirami theater alone will get 1 crore.
9. Vetri theatre in Chrompet, a suburb of Chennai which is said to have paid Rs 20 Lakhs MG, and according to trade sources the theatre recovered the amount in five days and thereby created a new record. The rumor mill has it that Vetri theatre had collected Rs 7, 62,000 gross on the first day making it "unofficially" the highest collection from a single screen for a day in India! Remember, this can happen only with a Rajnikanth film! He is the only superstar after the late MGR who can entice an ordinary movie going public to part with their hard earned money for three hours of pure fantasy.
10. After Baba debacle, he silenced all his detractors inside and outside film industry through CM.
11. Surely Industry will have lucrative year just because of CM as there is no big budget movie in the next 7 months (There is no chance of any big debacle this year). This happened 7 years before on 1998 when 'Padayappa' was release. That is why Tamil Film Industry is considered as one man industry.
12. Generally Shahrukh Khan (considered as the most popular Indian actor) movies has done a business of 52 crores with 20 crores as cost of production (Kal Ho Na Ho and Main Hoon Na). CM, being a regional movie is doing a business of more than100 crores with 5 crores + Rajni's salary as cost of production.
13. Overseas rights will be sold for 5 crores for SRK's movie while for Rajni it went up to 22 crores.
14. But the biggest achievement of CM is bringing family audiences, female audience who were glued to their TV sets watching 'Metti Oli' and children to the theaters.
15. As far as the ad world is concerned, Amitabh Bachchan who gets 4 crores is still Number One. Ad agencies are willing to dish out double the amount Amitabh gets, if Rajini were to do an ad, say sources in the ad field.

The last point mentioned is yet another reason why superstar absolutely rocks. Believe it or not, this man, who is the biggest superstar in the whole of Tamil Nadu (with a population of 6.5 crores as ARR claims in Anbe Aaruyire ;)), has not endorsed any commercial product to date!!! There is NO OTHER INDIAN FILM SUPERSTAR who has this unique distinction!

Dont believe it? Believe it...

Thalaiver vazhga!

(Well, he did try his hand at endorsing a political party once which backfired badly, but the fact of the matter is that he has not done any endorsing in exchange for money. If he does, he might overtake Azim Premji as the richest man in India!)

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Blogger Aravind says...

Chandramukhi Roxxxx!!!

Vaazhga Thalaiver!!

Laka laka laka laka!!!!!!

5:57 PM  
Blogger marauder says...

Sure, the movie was a mega box office hit and there are plans to dub the movie in zulu. But claiming "Zulu" Klusener's mother tongue to be zulu is preposterous - you need to convince me that Sonia's mother tongue is hindi before that. Makes me doubt the authenticity of the rest of the facts in this post.

2:25 PM  
Blogger DD says...

Dude, Klusener had the nickname 'Zulu'...though I am not sure what his mother tongue is

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

Great personality

12:31 PM  
Blogger dayalan says...

that shows thalai's strength. simply rajinikanth is the india's no 1 actor. no doubt though the film did well in the box office he still remains stay calm that shows his excellence. thats why i like him

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

Rajini (Super Star)! you are a real Role model!! Good, Keep going to break records!!!

2:03 PM  
Blogger pierce79 says...

Following its original release, Chandramukhi was successful enough to be released in several other languages. It was subsequently dubbed into Telugu and released on 14 April 2005 with the same title. Later on, it became the first ever Tamil film to be dubbed into German and it was released in several German-speaking countries as Der Geisterjäger (lit. The Ghost Hunters). On 29 February 2008, producer M. Rathnam dubbed and released the film in Hindi, despite Bhool Bhulaiyaa, the Bollywood remake of Manichithrathazhu directed by Priyadarsan, which already released on 12 October 2007.

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3:26 AM  
Blogger pierce79 says...

Since release, Chandramukhi has become one of the highest grossing Tamil film ever, beating the previous record set by Rajinikanth's previous film, Padayappa. As of 25 June 2007, it became the longest ever running South Indian film, and still holds this record, completing 800 days at Theaters in Chennai, passing the record of the 1944 devotional film, Haridas

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3:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

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Anonymous infopediaonlinehere says...

thalaivar vazhga

10:02 AM  
Anonymous chokkesh says...

thalaivar rockking , super thalaiva

12:33 AM  

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