Wednesday, July 27, 2005


(1) The first two letters of the alphabet - Tam, mallu, etc
(2) A kind of sound
(3) An album with which a master returns to his home turf after almost a year!

All fans of the Isaipuyal would definitely agree that the best definition for the blog title is no. 3!

Ah Aah is SJ Suryah's latest movie, which supposedly stands for Anbe AAruyire, which was earlier 9and is still also known as) Best Friend (BF).
ARRs last release in Tamil was "New" ("Naani" in Telugu), which was more than a year back, and incidentally with the same director. New was a pretty decent hit though not a major hit as far as ARR is concerned. So is AA a notch above New? It better be...

These were the thoughts as I listened to the album first...

(1) Anbe Aaruyire
The title song, sung by the man himself. Nice way to start an album. As has been discussed to death in most of his fan groups, the lyrics of the song suggest that ARR is telling the tamil music industry that he is back. I am not a man who pays much attention to lyrics and tries to figure out what they mean. But from what little I made out, this is what I felt - this song would have been an ideal hero intro song for a Rajni or Vijay movie, with a little tuning of the lyrics and a singer like Shankar Mahadevan or SPB. Not that ARR sings the song badly, i am just looking at how else the song could have shaped.

(2) Maramkothiye
Rap, beats, dance! Great dance song, sure to burn up the dance floors. An awesome disco hit in Tamil after a pretty long time. Though I cant differentitate much between Vasundhara and Shalini in this song, both of them have done a good job. The only complaint is the occasionally computer-distorted voice of Shankar Mahadevan, though I am not sure if the impact would have been lesser without this effect...

(3) Mayilirage
Naresh Iyer rocks! Yet one more addition to the illustrious list of singers whom ARR has introduced into the industry. On the flip side, Madhusree has awful tamil pronunciation, so she ends up as a bad choice for this song which is slow and does not have too much of instrument noise. Sadhna Sargam might have been better.
Oh btw this is the classical version of the disco song Maramkothiye! Hats off to ARR for able to bring out such a pair of songs - one classical, one disco, in the same tune, and still make both of sound awesome in their respective versions!

(4) Thazhuvudhu
Shreya Ghosal seems to be pretty good in Tam unlike plenty others, and she proved it in Anniyan (Andangkaka) as well. She repeats the performance and does the job as good as any other Tam singer, if not better, inspite of the lyrics being majorly tongue-twisting. The song is decent, but could have had a bit more lyrics than Thazhuvudhu Nazhuvudu.

(5) Thigu Thigu
Seduction song by Sadhna Sargam. Perfect choice! But who is the male singer?! No one seems to have any kind of a clue. Really grows on you after a few hearings thanks to Sadhna Sargam's awesome voice. ARR sure knows how to get the best outta her. Suggest you listen to this some 5 times before writing it off!

(6) Varugirai
Hariharan and Chitra reunite in an ARR song (or is it a Tam song) after Uyire in Bombay. And boy! I love this song! Hariharan excels in this song which seems tailormade for him, and so does Chitra. Great song about love.

Overall a great comeback album. Am not too sure how big a hit this is gonna be, but this is definitely better than New. Just give it some time to grow on you...and you will soon go Anbe...aaruyire...

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Blogger Aravind says...

Good review...
But, cant agree with u on the computer voice distortion part, though.. I just love that!! :)

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

i live in london,uk, whenever i hear new song from AR, I feel I wanna go back to india, thats where the magic start.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

the male voice in thigu thigu is none other than BlaaZe

12:12 AM  

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