Sunday, June 12, 2005

Woh Lamhe/Bheegi Yaadein

Heard this song from Zeher, first in the trailers, but did not sound too good. Then, i chanced upon the making of the video of the remix version of this song (which is also in the same album), which showed the full video, and in effect, the full song....and, absolutely rocked! I then caught hold of the original unremixed song in the movie, and kept it in an infinite loop on my mp3 player for arnd a week :) Mind you, this was the ONLY song on the playlist at that time.
Then, someone told me that he had the full album of Atif Aslam, which had the song from which this one was inspired, and shared the album with me, and that was a pretty different version, faster than the movie track and not as fast as the remix! Another soothing version, neverthless. To add to these 3, I saw yet another version hitting the TV screens, this one by a Pak band of three named Jal. Now, this is confusing! A bit of Googling gave me the info tht Atif was part of Jal and then split up from the band to cut out an album of his own. Yet another news I heard was that Jal has slapped a case on Atif for copying the Lamhe song, which was the band's and not Atif's!
Neways, watever the controversy surrounding the song, all 4 versions rock bigtime!!!

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