Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mumbai jottings

Amchi Mumbai

Landed in the city of dreams on time, on Sunday evening. We were greeted at the airport with a guy holding a 'Hyatt Regency' placard, who took us to a alighting spot and left us there while he went to get the pick up car. Me and Hetro debated about the make of car we were gonna get. I was expecting a Ikon/City, while Hetro did not mind something slightly bigger, like a Merc :-) Well, a City it was, finally. The driver was courteous enough to ask if the a/c temp was fine and if we needed some music. The first thing that struck me about the city was the wiiide roads and flyovers, esp since I hv been in Bangalore for the past 2 years...and a plethora of black and blue (cool) taxis. Interestingly, the first song that was played on the radio as soon as we got into the car was "Yeh hum a gaye hain kahan" frm Veer Zaara!
We checked in, saw Shekhar Suman at the reception, and got into the room. Took a plethora of snaps before unpacking to get a proper view of a neat room at the Hyatt :-) Spent the rest of the night with the amazing French open final on Ten Sports, KNPH on Sony, and Kill Bill (of course!) on Zee something. Luking forward to Top Gun staryting tomorrow (Monday)...

More Mumbai

Did not go around much in the city in the first 4 days...went around Bandra, checked out a coupla pubs - Toto's and Purple Haze. Toto's was a 'garage pub' and an altogether different kinda pub. There are all kindas of car accessories hanging around including a whole Beetle and the front panel of an Omni, with uncountable license plates of all types. And the place was totally crowded, overflowing to the brim. Purple Haze was a typical high-class pub, very costly and very pseud...

Backstreet Boys

are back aftr 5 years with their new album! Was a major fan till they quit, which was when I switched over to rock music and other stuff. The song video looks and sounds good. Must catch hold of the album pretty soon...

'Ripchak' Mumbai!

If you thought Bangalore is babe-city, check out will be bamboozled! Bangalore is nothing compared to this place! Mumbai is ekdum ripchak!

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