Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More IIPM sh*t

Today's ad in TOI says:

"IIPM is the only institute in the Top 10 to offer a BBA, therefore our BBA is the best in the country"


(1) IIPM is NOT a top 10 insti, at least at the country level...mebbe at a district level, or taluk level, or...
(2) Even if they claim to be top in sthg, they cant claim to offer the best in sthg else! They mite as well offer a diploma in biotech and say they offer the best biotech diploma in the country or world or watever.

Dunno how they (whoever makes these ads) came to all these "logical conclusions" (I loved the therefore word in their BBA 'statement' :))...its time for Arindham Choudhari to realise the classic sayin always holds - DONT count your chickens before they hatch...

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Anonymous Anonymous says...

A fellow IIPM-basher, fellow Mallu .. and fellow friend-of-Karan-Shah! - hehe we share quite a bit in common. :)

2:36 PM  
Anonymous makan dineshan says...


u can find the truth here...lots of details over here...of IIPm and tht self proclaimed management guru...arindam bhai

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

that janmag link rocks.. GML here

9:56 AM  

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