Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ben Johnson

No...not the legendary referring to a new mallu movie of the same name, starring Kalabhavan Mani, and music by my fav mallu music dir Deepak Dev.

After delivering a major musical hit Udayananu Tharam (which has been hailed as one of the best mallu movies ever), expectations from the music of this movie were huge. And does he live upto the expectations? Well, he certainly lives up to mine! He delivers something very new to mallu music! Here are my thoughts on the songs...

Ben Johnson

This is the theme song for the movie. Deepak Dev has had one theme song in all of his releases, a unique distinction in mallu music. This is a rock number, with traces of rap, and can easily pass off for a proper English rock single! The new voice Arjun is a perfect choice for this song and might end up as the Blaaze of malluland. Just one other mallu song can hold the distinction of being a proper rock song, about which will I will talk later.

Iniyum Mizhikal

The senti song of the album, present here because it just has to be there in a mallu movie! Actually a pretty good senti song. There are two versions - one by Yesudas and the other by Sujatha. Seems to have a slight hangover from Chronic Bachelor/Symphony, which I dont mind in the least bit!

Sona Sona

Kalabhavan Mani meets Deepak Dev and you get this cracker of a song. This is one for the masses, being a typical Kalabhavan Mani song with some English lyrics also thrown in for effect. From what I read in reports, this song is a major hit - one for the tea stalls!

Munpe Munpe

Ever heard a rock song in mallu with a sexy Michael Jackson feel to it? Or has anyone ever tried making a mallu MJ song and succeeded? Maybe I am exaggerating a bit here, but then what the heck! Listen to this one and temme if u have heard anything even remotely close to this genre by any other malayalam music director...Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for the first ever authentic malayalam rock song! (If I dont consider the theme track as a song) At places, it reminds you of 'Dangerous' and 'Jam', both by MJ, in terms of the instruments used, but sounds pretty different frm the two. This song IS addictive!


Another item number song - the non-Kalabhavan Mani masses song. Nadirsha gets a chance to sing for a mainstream movie and gets a song that suits his style. Nothing much to write about this song, just passable...

My fav tracks from the movie (in order) - Ben Johnson/Munpe Munpe, Sona Sona, Iniyum Mizhikal

On the basis of popularity, the order is definitely gonna be different because this is the first time rock has been attempted in mallu and junta mite take some time to appreciate this kinda music. Jassie Gift tried a bit of rap and was successful in his first venture, but all of his ventures after 4 the people bombed. So much for aceptance by the people.

Hope Deepak Dev continues to deliver many more knockout albums! We need more like him to change the stereotyped music we been hearing all these years. Way to go!

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