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The most eagerly expected movie of the year, or mebbe in the past few years, thx to Shankar and Vikram coming together and Shankar NOT using AR Rahman to compose the music for his movie, plus the fact that this is the most expensive South Indian movie ever made (Rs. 27 crores!) (Lagaan was made for 25 crores!!!) So how do I feel after watchin a FDFS of a movie so massively hyped? In summary, this is a nice timepass movie with a message, and this is sure to fire in TN!

This has things in common to Shankar's earlier movie Indian, the similarity being the hero trying to weed out corruption in society single handedly by punishing the criminals himself, in style. Another thing the movie has in common with Gentleman and Indian is that the loss of a dear one causes the hero to do what he does.

Vikram has not had a movie release in a long time (dont even remember wht his last movie was!) and he has made up for that in this movie by enacting not one, but 3 vastly diferent roles...and boy..he delivers a knock-out performance! The story of the movie is available in most of the other reviews, so not getting into those details. There is no single major villain like most of the other big hits in recent times which focussed on the hero versus one villain with a mean sounding name (or 3 as was in Thirupachi :)) The villains (victims) are junta who are known but have very brief roles - Cochin Haneefa, Saurabh Shukla, Kalabhavan Mani, Charlie, etc

As in any other Shankar movie, the songs are picturised excellently. If you thought the sound track was not so good, I suggest you watch the movie in the theatre, check out the videos and then come back with the same comment. My fav song from the movie has been changing constantly since it released - was "Iyengaru" wen it released, then "Oh Sukumari", then "Andangkaka", then "Kannum Kannum" and after the movie it is "Kathal Yaanai". Incidentally the song "Kathal Yaanai" depicts a fashion show, with Yana Gupta doing the item number honours, but you actually end up remembering the stylish Vikram in his different getups, in his intro as Remo, rather than Yana Gupta! Mebbe this is the first time a HERO actually overshadows Yana Gupta in an item number!!!

My fav scenes from the movie:
(1) the symbolic representation of Anniyan as Yama atop his buffalo after the first killing. A really strong intro to Anniyan!
(2) Vikram vs Prakash Raj, towards the end
(3) The last 5 seconds of the movie, jus before the titles
(4) The scene in which Anniyan is shown jumping off the balconies of a hotel, some 6-7 floors...effortlessly...
(5) India vs Singapore, Japan, etc...some very strong points. Shankar tries really hard at driving home his message...

5 reasons to watch the movie again:
(1) Vikram: for his excellent performance. No one else could have carried of this role with as much style...perfect choice for the role! Chk out the last confrontation scene with Prakash Raj to know what I mean.
(2) Prakash Raj: One of my fav actors, he impresses, as usual, in a brief role
(3) Harris Jayaraj: The pupil proves that Shankar does not need his master to deliver hit music! All the songs rock on screen!
(4) Shankar: Well...obvious!
(5) Some of the action scenes, though definitely not all of them. But then, if junta can appreciate Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the action scenes in this movie are really too good!

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Anonymous Saravanan says...

Hey dude, even i saw the movie. I like your narration. Keep up the good work, if you watch any movie make it a point to put your views, that makes guys like me to check it out whether its worth going to such a movie or not. Anniyan's climax is simply stunning, i guess its worth watching Vikram..... No wonder he gets a National Award for it... Bye.... mail me at

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Jojo says...

Ur narrations are very good.....As all said Vikram {as Remo, Anniyan, Ambi} made an everlasting performance

Its sure that the name VIKRAM will once again with the selectors of National award. The entire credit of the film was taken by Vikram & Shankar
Among 3 Ambi was pleasing & loving.There is no other actor in TN to replace Vikram from his First posn in TN.........Is it

Yes.....Vikram is thetop actor of Tamilnadu....{Highly talented}

No other actor was born with such a talent to the present.

The thing that differentiate Vikram is...He is hard working.....he is ready to do any tidious work to make his character the best.

I am a Keralite.....& Anniyan is a Superhit in Kerala too. I have seen the movie thrice.

The keralites will now pay an infinite......Because Vikram made his debut in Malayalam

4:34 PM  
Blogger SumiSweet says...

You reviewed Anniyan just the way I would have..If I can just stop drooling over Vikram! I waited over a year for this movie and I was not disappointed.

11:00 PM  
Blogger foxx says...

hey its super by any standards ..................


its a total rip off... it gathered as much as chandramuki did in a week in 3 days!!!!!

its loosely based on sidney sheldon " TELL ME YOUR DREAMS "

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

hi friend,
whatever you said was true.i am a god damn fan of shankar and watch only his movies in you have already stated positives of the film, i just want to add some miuses of the film.shankar's message-telling is excellent.but many sequences lack logic for example sada not able to differentiate ambi and remo,stadium sequence.this didn't happen in earlier films.and also the same kind of 1 man show as in indian or gentleman.but the inclusion of garuda puranam and vikram's scope for acting,vivek's comedy deserve special mention.hats off to my favourite director.i am looking forward to his dream project 'robo'.

12:02 AM  
Blogger leomitra says...

Hey I think that this story is juz like Indian and Gentleman but wat amazes me is Vickram's PERFORMANCE...... boy he really amaze me.... having come a long way ... i personally like the climax where u have prakash raj and vikram and this is where you can see vickram's versatality as an accomplished actor.... (As Ambi and Anniyan)

8:02 AM  
Blogger DD says...

As far as i know, 'Anniyan' was what 'Robo' finally ended up as...since Robo did not happen with Kamal, Shankar made Anniyan with Vikram in mind...

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

This is really a good way of giving a very strong feedback to 'Anniyan'.Keep it up.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

hey deepak
Keep up the good work -Ur review on Anniyan is just wat any of the intelligentia who had watched the movie wud write.

Vikram is simply the actor of the decade to watch out for!!
Astounding performance in all three roles - i jus loved remo - no other actor in india can perform like him in that role- he has just been himself - i know him personally


10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

Excellent review for an awesome movie. God, I love Vikram. He's the best actor ever !!!

9:31 PM  

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